Reality TV Star Mama June’s Boyfriend May Have Molested Her Oldest Daughter

The controversial reality TV show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” was cancelled by TLC last week amid allegations that June Shannon, better known as “Mama June,” the mother of the show’s star, nine-year-old Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson, was dating convicted sex offender Mark McDaniel, who was just released from prison in March of this year after serving ten years for aggravated child molestation. Shannon has denied the allegations that the two are dating.

Shannon recently separated from her longtime partner Mike Thompson, better known as “Sugar Bear”, who is the father of Alana Thompson, in September. The pair were never married but exchanged vows in a commitment ceremony earlier this year. Mike Thompson is reportedly upset and concerned for his child’s welfare after learning of Shannon and McDaniel’s relationship and seeing a photo of McDaniel with Shannon and Alana Thompson in which McDaniel had his hand placed on Alana Thompson’s back.

Now, Shannon’s oldest daughter, Anna Marie Cardwell, known to fans of the show as “Chickadee,” has come forward stating that she, too, was molested by her mother’s boyfriend as a child. Cardwell, now 20, told People Magazine that when she was eight years old, the same age as McDaniel’s victim, who is believed to be Shannon’s cousin, McDaniel tried to touch her.

Although Cardwell acknowledges that she has heard conflicting stories about her mother’s relationship, she says she believes the rumors are true and that she is hurt by her mother’s actions. She added that she will not allow her two-year-old daughter, Kaitlyn, around her mother until she is sure her mother is no longer seeing McDaniel because she does not want McDaniel around her child. I know fellow parent Brad Reifler was pretty shocked, so it’s interesting to see how this plays out.  Although even if the allegations are totally baseless, I can’t see Honey Boo Boo coming back to television anytime soon.

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Nolans and DC Part Ways

After having a hand in four DC movies over the past decade, it seems that Christopher and Jonathan Nolan will no longer be involved with the franchise in the future. Man of Steel was the last film that the two played a part in, but they will not be involved with the upcoming “Batman vs. Superman” movie. It also appears that Man of Steel was their last involvement with DC.

Jonathan Nolan spoke about the situation in a recent interview. He mentioned his admiration and love for everyone at DC, but said that he did not believe doing more of those movies was in his plan. The same can be said for Christopher Nolan. While Chris managed to do some incredible work with the Dark Knight trilogy, he has never been a huge fan of comic books. He prefers his stories to be rooted in reality, which is an ideology that does not fit with DC’s up coming plans.

With the Nolans sailing off in the sunset to do different types of movies, it is up to Zach Snyder to carry the torch for DC. He was heavily involved with Man of Steel, and is set to direct the upcoming Batman vs. Superman AND Justice League movies for DC.

While that’s a major creative talent to lose, I have to say that I have total faith in Zach Snyder. Man of Steel was really awesome, and I’m interested to see what he can do with the next franchise. No matter what happens, Batman v Superman is definitely going on my FreedomPop phone alongside Man of Steel, when it comes out on iTunes.

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Will Keanu Reeves Get a Second Chance at a Comic Book Film with Doctor Strange?

Keanu Reeves is often the last name that comes about when talking about comic book films. Though the actor starred in The Matrix franchise, which grossed more than $1 billion worldwide, his career faltered more recently. Many blame the comic book adaptation Constantine for his demise. With a budget of $100 million, Constantine just barely made back its budget in the U.S. and overseas. Despite some critics, Reeves is currently one of the top choices to play Doctor Strange in the upcoming Marvel film.

John Wick

Directed by his former stunt double Mike Livak, John Wick is a dark and intense action film set for release later this year. Reeves plays a former hit man tasked with bringing down the men who killed his dog and may have killed his wife as well. Early reviews for the film are positive, and many critics claim that this is a comeback movie for the star. It’s not surprising then that when Marvel began its search for a leading man in its Doctor Strange film that the studio would consider Reeves.

Other Possible Stars

Chris Agar points out that Reeves isn’t the only potential star in the running. Some early reports claim that Benedict Cumberbatch has a lock on the role. Cumberbatch most recently starred in Star Trek: Into Darkness as a dark and villainous character, and his role in that film led many to point out that he would make a phenomenal Doctor Strange. There are also rumors that the studio may seek out a higher profile actor such as George Clooney or Tom Cruise. As Doctor Strange is still in pre-production, it’s still anyone’s game.

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Disney’s New Movie ‘Big Hero 6’ Rendered on 55,000 Cores

Baymax, a lesser known Marvel hero, is the giant inflatable robot starring in Disney Animation’s newest movie, ‘Big Hero 6’. In order to get Baymax fighting crime with the help of his super powered friends, Disney had to design an entirely new rendering program for their computer animators. Since the character is slightly translucent, light can reflect through him. The most time intensive part of rendering has always been lighting effects because the light must bounce off every object until its energy is fully depleted. In order to create this effect, Disney created four computers using 13,750 cores each and a program called Coda to bring them all together. The four computers together create a single super-computer and have been tasked with running over 400,000 computations a day. They have even created a special iPhone app that alerts the animators when the computer is having difficulty to help keep them running the computations 24 hours a day. They have named their global illumination simulator Hyperion.

To put this power in perspective, the original ‘Toy Story’ in 1995 required 300 computers, taking anywhere from two to fifteen hours to render one of the movie’s 114,240 frames. That’s about 800,000 hours of computing without room for error. With ‘Monsters, Inc.’ in 2001, it took up to 11 hours to render a single frame featuring the main character, Sulley’s, 2,320,413 hairs. 2011’s ‘Cars 2’ required an unheard of 12,500 cores taking 11.5 hours per frame. As recently as 2013, Frozen required over five days to render just the 218 frames that made up Elsa’s ice castle exterior. According to movie executive Tom Rothman, Disney’s new Hyperion program and supercomputer can render the entirety of ‘Tangled’ in less than 10 days.

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The Simpsons Are Getting Sued for $250million by Frank Sivero

Looks like Frank Sivero is a little angry that his mobster work dried up when Scorsese stopped making crime movies in quick succession. Now he’s looking elsewhere to earn a little dough, and he’s suing The Simpsons for $250million, for stealing his look for their mob character Louie.

Frank Sivero is most famous for his Frankie Carbone character, from the classic 1990 film Goodfellas. Most notably being yelled at by Robert De Niro for buying his wife a fur coat after a heist.

Sivero says that the similarities between his physical appearance, the way he delivers lines, and Louie’s caricature of a stereotypical Italian gangster are more than coincidence.

Don’t see this going anywhere though. Namely, because Goodfellas is a massive pop culture phenomenon, and The Simpson’s aren’t trying to directly portray Sivero’s character, it’s a parody. Parody is protected under the law, and it’s something that The Simpsons is famous for.

Not exactly lighting up the news like major stories such as Incorporate Olympic Valley, but I did think it was interesting that Sivero obviously sees a cash in opportunity here…but he’s just going to end up wasting a lot of time, and a lot of money.

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Man Transforms Himself on Instagram Into All of Your Favorite Celebs

Showing what an artistry makeup can be, a man has completely transformed himself into some of the most famous celebrities from around the world. Using only standard makeup, he’s managed to make himself look almost exactly like several of Hollywood’s finest.

You can see him capturing the appearance of Katy Perry above. Andrew Heiberger was pretty surprised when I showed him. Hope this guy is making a killing as a make-up artist on TV or film, or wherever he currently works.

You can see all of his current transformations after the jump. Some of them are really incredible. The Miley Cyrus and Beyonce transformations in particular are pretty amazing.

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Independence Day 2 on the Brew: Jeff Goldblum Reveals Developments

The sequel to the phenomenal alien invasion film Independence Day is set to be released in the summer of 2016, reports say.

20th Century Fox is planning to release Independence Day 2 in celebration of the blockbuster film’s 20th anniversary. Jeff Goldblum, who appeared in the 1996 film, confirmed developments of the film.

“I had a meeting, and have been talking over the last several months or year with Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin, the producer, and they’ve been cooking up and say they have a part for me in what they hope will be a plan to make another one pretty soon,” Goldblum said in a report published in TIME magazine’s online portal.

Reports say that Goldblum is expected to appear again in the movie with his co-star Bill Pullman. The overall budget is still being negotiated with Tom Rothman and Tristar Pictures. There was no news yet as to whether or not Will Smith will return in the film.

The movie and television news website Screenrant reported that in the past Roland Emmerich, director and one of the writers of the film, said that the movie will pick up in real time right after the first installment ended, and may explore more on the myths of the alien invaders. If they are sticking with this idea, then people will able to see in further detail how the story of Independence 2 will go.

Independence Day is a science fiction film about an alien invasion, and the survivor’s struggles to survive it. The film was released in 1996, and won Academy Awards for Best Effects and Visual Effects in 1997

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Holy Crap: Robert Downey Jr Just Confirmed Iron Man 4

I was literally just telling my old Stanford college roommate Jared Haftel how much I would love to see an Iron Man 4. Welp, looks like RDJ heard me, because he just confirmed it’s existence during his appearance on the Ellen show.

I could not be more excited. Unlike a lot of the Marvel Cinematic Universe faithful, I loved Iron Man 3 and 2, and of course the first. I’m definitely glad to see that RDJ will be continuing Tony Stark’s solo efforts, as well as his exploits with the Avengers.

Some may say he’s too old, now that the actor is on the verge of 50. But hey, he still looks great in the suit, and as long as he’s willing, I think Marvel should keep their star man in the role as long as possible.

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Ben Affleck and Bill Maher Have It Out Over Radical Islam and Muslims

Ben Affleck was up-in-arms about what he called “gross” and “racist” remarks about Islam and Muslims from Real Time host Bill Maher and author Sam Harris. The Friday night airing of the political HBO talk show featured the heated debate. It ties in perfectly with a nationwide discussion about the threat of radical Islam and what differentiates peaceful Muslims from their terrorist brothers.

Affleck responded furiously to a statement from Maher in which he said that Islam was “the only religion that acts like the mafia.” The ire of Affleck continued to rise when Harris backed Maher’s remarks up with “We have been sold this meme of Islamaphobia… It’s intellectually ridiculous.”

Affleck’s response to this was typical. “It’s gross and racist,” he said, “It’s like saying, ‘Oh, you shifty Jew’.” Where Affleck is completely wrong is in the simple fact that Islam is not a race and therefore unable to be the target of racism. He also missed the point that Harris and Maher were trying to make, that radical Islam is a threat to the safety of people all over the world, and that peaceful Muslim leaders need to stand up and decry the atrocities perpetrated on behalf of the Koran and Islamic beliefs. Muslims I personally know like Jordanian Khaled Shaheen happen to be pretty outraged about this.

On a positive note, the debate shows the beauty of Western freedom of speech in that we can even discuss the subject openly and freely. Hopefully, it will open more discussions about the topic and lead to change in how people view the Islamic religion.

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