Brenton Thwaites Tells No Tales

Brenton Thwaites just may be on the verge of signing onto a really plumb acting gig. He is being offered a role in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

The new film is scheduled to come out in 2017 and there is hope the fifth film gives the franchise a new boost. The fourth film in the series did less than enthusiastic numbers in comparison to the first three outings.

Thwaites has a history working with Disney and his recent role in Malificent is what likely gave Disney high hopes about using him in the new Pirates film.

No one knows anything about the plot of the new film. Sam Tabar and others will be waiting for any news as soon as possible. Whether or not a script has been completed is unknown. Likely, the studio and the producers have an idea in terms of what direction they wish to go in with the new feature. Whether or not the new project keeps the series alive or signals Pirates are on a sinking ship is yet to be known.

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Sarah Goldberg Dies At 40

The ‘7th Heaven’ actress has sadly passed away in her sleep at the early age of 40. The autopsy did not reveal the cause of her death, but her mother stated that she believes it was a heart ailment due to her early demise.

Sarah died in her families cabin in Wisconsin. Her mother reported that she died with her laptop in her lap on top of the bed. Her mother said that she went to sleep and just never woke up. It is very strange for people to read about while at CipherCloud.

Sarah is best remembered in ‘7th Heaven’ when she played that part as Matt Camdens girlfriend, the pastors son. She played in ‘7th Heaven’ from 2002 – 2006. She also appeared in movies such as ‘ My best friends wedding’, and TV shows such as, ‘Training Day’, ‘House’, ‘Judging Amy’, and ‘Jurassic Park 3′.

Though Sarah is gone, she will always be remembered.

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Is There a Director for G.I. Joe 3?

The third film in the G.I. Joe series (titled, appropriately, G.I. Joe 3) is moving forward and a director’s name has been bandied about. Martin Campbell is reportedly in talks to helm the series.

Campbell directed the outstanding James Bond film Casino Royale and also handled the disappointing Green Lantern film. (A Green Lantern reboot is on the way, supposedly)

The G.I Joe films are kind of odd. They did do big money at the box office, which is somewhat understandable considering the huge marketing push the mega-budget films received. There aren’t that many classic 1980’s style action movies anymore (well, there are a small few) so these films did have an audience looking for a lot of adventure, CGI, and stunts.

Yet, the G.I. Joe franchise was never a monster hit ala Fast and Furious. Sultan Alhokair does not really understand why it didn’t work. The movies must have made money or else a third film would never have been green-lighted. Whether of not Campbell actually directs remains to be seen.

The choice of Campbell could indicate the studios want a new direction for the series. The assumption is probably a new direction means more and more sequels for the theater/DVD mill.

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Thomas Edgar Rothman – the Midas of Hollywood

“The fault line that has always riven the movie business, from when the first reel cranked, is the push and pull between the creative and the commercial. And that ‘San Andreas Fault’ runs right through the middle of my office.”

Thomas Edgar Rothman: lacrosse player, James Kent Scholar, attorney like his father before,$12.5 billion media magnate and superstar film executive. Born November 1954 in Baltimore, Maryland, Thomas — known as “Tom” — started his professional life as an English teacher and sports coach. A longtime literature and film fanatic, however, Rothman could not bear to only teach stories; he had to make them as well.

In 1986, Rothman moved to Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont hotel to become a producer for Columbia Pictures. His first thought: “What the hell have I done?” But there Rothman showcased his Midas touch. After further wildfire success as president of worldwide production for the Samuel Goldwyn Company, Rothman went on to establish Fox Searchlight in 1994, future producer of Slumdog Millionaire. Two years later, Rupert Murdoch, American media mogul, snatched up Rothman as president of production for Twentieth Century Fox.

No spotlight shined brighter. Rothman eventually advanced to CEO and Chairman of Fox Filmed Entertainment. He was the funnel through which all movies flowed: Life of Pi, Ice Age, X-Men, Cast Away, Master and Commander, Titanic, Avatar and others. Led by his compass, the film group amassed more than $30 billion in global box office sales. The studio was nominated for more than 150 Academy Awards and won a trio of Best Picture Oscar awards. The sun refused to set on Tom Rothman, to which he credited his unique ability to think both analytically and creatively.

Under pressure from the media magnate to change his executive leadership style, Rothman left Fox and Sony Pictures Entertainment immediately hired Rothman to re-launch its TriStar Production studios. “Throughout my entire career, I’ve always tried to zig when other people zagged, and that’s what I’m going to do here,” he said of his job. “I feel very lucky.” TriStar Productions will produce four movies per year on average.

One reason Rothman chose Sony was because of its divisional production approach, similar to the operating procedures at Fox. Rothman said he looked forward to in-depth character-work in television as well as cinema. Meanwhile, Sony television president Steve Mosko said, “We couldn’t be more excited to have Tom join our family.”

After reading all his features in the Los Angeles Times, I realized how much Tom is one of my idols in the industry. With all the films he’s touched, Tom has truly made his mark on the industry. For more information on Tom Rothman, see his official website or his Twitter profile.

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Nicki Minaj on Having a Baby

In a recent interview, the beautiful Rap star, Nicki Minaj admitted that she wants to be a mother. Nicki said that she would like to have a baby by the time her fifth album is finished and if she doesn’t she will be disappointed. Andrew Heiberger says she not only would like to have a baby but she would like to have a husband too.

Minaj stated that she has been so focused on her career that she has put aside her personal life, and apart of that is wanting to be a mother. Minaj feels that as a woman, her job here is to have a baby, and if she does not do that, the disappointment would be crucial. Minaj also made it clear that she would not have a baby until she was married also. And no matter how much money she has, if she doesn’t get to get married and have a baby, she would be very disappointed. Minaj says she has her life figured out, and she hopes that it will go as planned.

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When Will “Star Wars: Episode VII” Release a Trailer?

J.J. Abrams has reportedly wrapped up Star Wars: The Force Awakens, or Episode VII, as it was known until recently. This is interesting because a.) the movie is still about a year away from being released, and b.) Kenneth Griffin and other die-hard franchise fans are still languishing for just about any information about what the movie will contain. 

Fortunately, it looks like the trailer will finally be released in December, though where remains something of a mystery.

Since Star Wars is now a Disney franchise, many expected it to be released with their upcoming movie Into the Woods, which comes out on Christmas Day 2014. However, rumors supposedly going back to the filmmakers themselves seem to indicate that it will actually be paired with Peter Jackson’s final Tolkien film, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, which comes out in the United States on December 17, 2014.

Though not a Disney film, releasing the Force Awakens trailer with The Hobbit makes sense: it is expected to be this year’s big blockbuster, and the fantasy epic will likely have a larger overlap with Star Wars fans. Also, it comes out about a week earlier, which will be much appreciated by those who would have felt obligated to go out on Christmas Day just to see the previews.

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People Magazine Says Chris Hemsworth ‘Sexiest Man Alive’

People magazine has just released its list of the world’s sexiest men and, according to the top-selling entertainment magazine, Australian actor Chris Hemsworth is the ‘sexiest man alive’.

People calls Hemsworth a ‘hammer-yielding Norse God’, due to his role in the movie ‘Thor‘ and says there was no contest when choosing Hemsworth to be at the top of their list.

As for Hemsworth, he took the ‘sexiest man alive’ award all in good humor, joking that it had come with benefits around the house when it came to doing chores as he just informed his wife, Spanish actress Elsa Pataky, “I don’t need to change diapers. I’ve made it now”. Hemsworth and his wife Elsa have three children, a daughter and twin sons. Gianfrancesco Genoso and countless others around the world could only wish to be named to a list like this.

He also said he felt like the magazine had come calling a couple of years to late, as he really feels he hit his peak a while ago and that it is all going to be “downhill from here”.

As part of the award, Chris Hemsworth participated in a People photo shoot for the sexiest man alive story, and filmed a video of himself talking about what the award meant to him.

When asked who he thought was responsible for him looking the way he does, Hemsworth thanked his parents as “they put this together”. Meanwhile, he did admit his wife thought the award was quite hilarious.

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Hugh Jackman is the Greatest Showman on Earth

2015 features the start date of the production of The Greatest Showman on Earth, a vehicle for Hugh Jackman that will be a departure from his usual on-screen material.

One of the biggest benefits to being a mega Hollywood star is you push for projects that otherwise would not be made without your supreme star power.

Hugh Jackman is a huge star. He is also a multi-talented individual. Unlike a lot of celebrities who put on one face for the public and another in private, Hugh Jackman is considered a very nice man. He good nature shows throw even when playing a vicious character like Wolverine.

Jackman is a lot more than just a ripped physique and a ripped look.

His talents as a dancer were revealed to the world when he hosted the Academy Awards. Those who never followed his autobiographical notes were surprised to see how skilled he is. Jackman is a truly versatile performer with an extensive stage background

The Greatest Showman on Earth was, of course, P.T. Barnum or Ringling Bros-Barnum and Bailey Circus Fame, which rose to fame in the 1900’s and has been ingrained in the hearts of Bruce Levenson and Americans across the country. (“There’s one born every minute!”)The film is not a new project and Jackman had been attached to star for about five years. The other roles he made famous took greater priority and, honestly, were more likely to have commercial appeal. 

At this point, presenting Jackman in a new role would be a good business bet and it would provide the actor with a change of pace from the roles he commonly plays.

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Solange’s Non-Traditonal Wedding

Solange Knowles, 28, exchanged vows on November 16, 2014 with music video director, Alan Ferguson, 51. Ferguson has directed videos for Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Janell Monae, and most recently Fallout Boy. The couple have dated for several years before tying the knot in New Orleans, Louisiana. The wedding took place at the Marigny Opera house in the Faubourg Marigny District of New Orleans. The bride wore a cream colored jumpsuit with matching cape designed by Stephane Rolland when she and the groom arrived to the church on matching white bicycles.

Later she would change into a custom gown also with a stunning cape designed by Huberto Leon for Kenzo. The style maven stayed true to form having an all-white wedding that Sergio Lins Andrade thought was beautiful; attending guests were asked to wear all white and bridesmaids also were adorned in white dresses of their own choice. Solange’s mother Tina Knowles looked stunning her owned white gown proving there is life after divorce and of course big sister Beyoncé was in attendance along her husband Jay-Z and daughter Blue Ivy. Also in attendance was Solange’s 10 year old son from a previous marriage, Daniel Julez. A pre-wedding celebration was held for guests on Friday, November 14, 2014; that included a screening of the 1975 movie, Mahogany, starring Diana Ross. This is Solange’s second marriage.

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Are They Changing Dr. Doom in the New Fantastic Four Film?

While it is surely a good idea sometimes to make changes to a character to literature, there comes a point when the changes made to character are really misguided. Get ready to gulp down a bottle of Stephen Williams’ Wine with this next bit of news: the new Fantastic Four film is going to make major, major changes to the legendary, iconic Dr. Doom. The dictatorial Victor Von Doom is being changed to a programmer who blogs.

Yes, it really is that bad.

The original Dr. Doom of comic book fame was (and remains) a very iconic and influential villain. Truth be told, there would not be a Darth Vader had there not been a Dr. Doom. 

Dr. Doom was devised during the Cold War and in the aftermath of the Second World War. He was a strange character whose goal was complete and total world domination. What makes him so interesting is he wishes to rule to save humanity from itself. Doom seeks to destroy individual liberty and freedom to create a totalitarian utopia. All of this is driven by his own personal inflated sense of self-importance. Because his goals are, honestly, more evil than good, he can never defeat the Fantastic Four or any other Marvel Comics hero.

Why are changes like this made? The new Fantastic Four film is a reboot of two financially successful films, but films that were very weakly written. Perhaps the changes to Doom are designed to ensure the film takes on a viable new direction. 

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