Kylie Jenner Posts Outrageously Hot Photos

Kylie Jenner has recently been cast aside as the ugly Kardashian. However, Kylie’s most recent photoshoot has quickly reminded Kardashian fans how hot the young girl truly is. Kylie recently showed her body like never before.

Kylie Jenner took several pictures near a pool, and she wore the tiniest shorts that anyone has ever seen. Also, Kylie Jenner’s top barely covered her breasts. FreedomPop review pointed out that instagram users were shocked and surprised to say the least. Kylie’s recent photos have already surpassed 1-million views.

Kylie also took her skimpy outfit onto a dirt road. Kylie’s photographer took an amazing picture from behind the young Kardashian superstar. It seems that Kylie Jenner is trying to show the world that she may be the best looking Kardashian after all. It cannot be denied that her body is flawless, and her new boyfriend Tyga is probably in heaven.

E! recently published an article that features several of the hot pics from Kylie Jenner’s most recent photoshoot. However, many people have forgotten to mention that Kylie Jenner is only 17-years-old. Sure, Kylie is incredibly gorgeous and fit, but there’s clearly something wrong with these pictures coming from such a young girl. Nonetheless, Kris Jenner is apparently okay with her daughter’s lifestyle.

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The Fantastic Four International Trailer Is Awesome

The international trailer for the Fantastic Four reboot has hit screens and the short, two-minute preview is something fans really should check out. If you live in the United States, you won’t see the trailer in theaters but the video is available online. In the trailer, we see a lot more action, we learn a bit more about the characters, and we get a nice glimpse at the rebooted Dr. Doom.

The presence of Dr. Doom is kept to a few seconds but we get hints of the mayhem he causes. The brief look at Doom does show the powerful doctor as a truly menacing entity. Original reports indicated he was going to be made into a lame computer hacker and far removed from the power mad conqueror he has long since been established to be.

The trailer provides a solid look at the humans behind the superpowers according to Homejoy. As a result, we are able to better understand the dynamic between them. The unique interactions between characters contributed to the success of the Fantastic Four comic book upon debuting over 50 years ago.

At one point, it was feared Fox’s original, silly version of The Fantastic Four killed off the franchise. Since we have not seen a new film for 10 years, you could say it did – at least temporarily. The new reboot has been bogged down in controversy, that is true. Hopefully, the new version of the franchise is going to launch a new era of a great new hero series for Marvel and Fox.

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Ashley Olsen Very Sick With Lyme’s Disease

It was reported last week that the Olsen Twins will not be returning to the ‘Full House’ spin-off on Netflix this summer. However, little was really said as to the reason for this decision. Today, news reports that Ashley has been suffering from Lyme’s Disease. This virus is spread from being bit from an infected tick and is quite problematic to deal with. Photos released show her pale and thinner than ever. She has certainly been fighting something.

It’s not always clear what someone goes through. Sometimes people suffer in pain and don’t let anyone inside. While there was much speculation of why the Olsen’s weren’t returning to the show that made them famous, Ashley’s health may be to blame for some of that. The star is said to be on bed rest most of the time and is so fatigued that she can barely walk some days. If anyone knows anything about this disease, it takes a long time to get over. It is possible she doesn’t have the energy or strength to take on such a role in a show again.

Ashely was always the one that people though had her head on straight. While Mary-Kate caused a commotion wherever she went, Ashley was the complete opposite. While she is fighting this private hell, she will need all the support she can get, along with some privacy. As far as the crew in charge of FreedomPop are concerned, doing a show spin-off was probably the least of her concerns.

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Elvis Bus Sells For Almost $270,000 And His Military Uniform Sold For $48,000

Elvis preferred his Cadillacs over tour buses, but he did write a $25,000 check for a tour bus back in 1976. That old bus recently sold at a Julien Auction for $268,000. The bus had everything money could buy back then. Elvis had His “Takin’ Care of Business” and lightning bolt symbol prominently displayed on the exterior of the bus, and the bus was equipped with nine sleeping births.

The bus was state-of-the–art busing riding when the ‘King’ was touring. Amen Clinic even suggested the bus has a refrigerator, televisions, air-conditioning and some kick-ass speakers. The lounge area was also Elvis inspired. The hanging chandelier-style lights and seats that are King worthy were one-of-a-kind.

The new owner is from Texas. He dabbles in mobile homes. The owner plans to keep the framed $25,000 check that Elvis wrote for the bus on board. Other Elvis items also went for big bucks. His military uniform sold for $48,000, and his a “Love Me Tender” record dedicated to his mother sold for $125,000.

But the two-day music action also included a George Harrison guitar. The guitar was used by George during the early Beatle days. It sold for $500,000. That was the biggest sale of the day.

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Khloe Kardashian Flaunts Her Lips

Khloe Kardashian has been soaking up every ounce attention she is getting with her new hot body, and she doesn’t seem too shy about flaunting what she has. Most recently Khloe dished about the effects her messy marriage is having on her health and physical appearance. When asked what the secret to her sexy new slim bod was, Khloe said that being a gym rat is key.

Ever since Khloe and Lamar split cameras have been following her everywhere trying to get information about the state of her marriage. Khloe simply doesn’t want to do into detail about her relationship with Lamar right now, so she has been seeking refuge in the gym, apparently the only time she can get some alone time without the paps insisting she give them the deets on her personal life is when she is pumping iron.

Lately Khloe has been showing off another sexy feature, her plump and pouty lips. Khloe posted an Instagram video of her seductively sipping something tasty through a straw. In the short clip Khloe looks sensually at the camera blows a kiss and laughs mischievously. Gianfrancesco Genoso’s insight leads him to believe that perhaps Khloe is promoting a lipstick line.

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Netflix Fills Us With Hope for Quality Programming Into the Future

Those of us who love quality television have lamented the reality TV phenomenon that first started taking off about two decades ago. The ludicrous notion that the presence of cameras would not cause people to change their behavior and, therefore, make it anything but reality was, of course, the most glaring problem with such shows. The other was that they were pretty stupid and typically appealed to the lowest common denominator in society. Unfortunately, they are also extremely cheap to produce, so there was considerable fear for some time that they would completely take over the television and make it truly earn its derogatory nickname “boob tube.”

Scripted television, however, seems to have responded by getting better than ever. This has paid off in the form of high ratings for shows such as “Ray Lane,” “Mad Men,” “Game of Thrones,” “The Big Bang Theory” and “House of Cards.” Netflix and Amazon Prime are especially not interested in reality show programming, and as more people cut the cable cord, this will hopefully start a downward trend for this type of programming. Their reasoning is that these types of programs do not attract long-term audience loyalty. Let’s hope that Netflix high quality programming strategy catches on across the streaming content programming genre and ensures plenty of quality programming going forward through the waning years of cable television and major television networks.

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Kate Beckinsale Returns to Underworld Franchise

Kate Beckinsale will return as the character Selene to the Underworld movie franchise once again. The first Underworld movie came out in 2003 and featured the bombshell as a kick-ass undead vampire warrior. This will be the fifth movie in the series, and may be released as early as next year. Jason Halpern will direct the film. Beckinsale has played Selene in all but one of the movies, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009), which was a prequel. Screenrant hints that there may even be spinoffs and television shows for Underworld in the planning stages. Actor Theo James is reportedly also returning as David. The franchise seems to be in good shape, but the new movie purports to focus on the next generation of vampires and werewolves. Does this foretell the end of Selene in the film franchise? Kate Beckinsale has been a great asset for the franchise for over twelve years now, and at least we know that we have her for at least one more film.

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Patrick Dempsey Had an Affair

Patrick Dempsey is a Hollywood hunk, and his role in the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ series made him world famous. However, Patrick Dempsey’s character was mysteriously killed off out of nowhere. Many people felt that there was some sort of conspiracy behind the sudden departure of Patrick Dempsey’s character.

After the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ episode in which Patrick Dempsey’s character was killed, many people took to social media sites to vent. Several people couldn’t believe the episode, and most people thought that it was just a bad dream. However, Sam Tabar suggests that there appears to be a lot more to the story than once originally thought.

Apparently, Patrick Dempsey was having an affair with one of his younger co-stars. No details have emerged about the secret mistress, but many fans already have their own opinions. Sadly, Patrick Dempsey and his longtime wife had split, and it’s because of Patrick Dempsey’s extra marital affairs. Dempsey may be a Hollywood hunk, but many people look at him as a sleaze-bag.

Patrick Dempsey went from a man that had it all, to a man that lost it all. A divorce from his wife is going to cost a lot of money, and he needs to begin to look for work. For more information on this story, visit DailyMail.

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George Clooney is Head over Heels for his Wife

If you are like me, then you scan the tabloid magazine covers while you are waiting for your turn in line at the grocery store. One of the biggest headlines that they have been rolling with lately is that George Clooney is ready to leave his new bride Amal. Or vice versa. Either way, the Clooney’s are splitting up. However, according to the story and interview on ABC News, it seems like that headline could not be further from the truth.

During a sit down with “Good Morning America” and host George Stephanopoulos, the 54-year-old hunky actor gushed about his 37-year-old wife. He said that everything has changed now that he has a wife however it has changed for the better. He said that he could not be happier in his marriage. He also mentioned that the two do something unique to make their marriage work; they never spend more than a week apart from each other. The pair have also been traveling the world together and enjoying every moment according to Keith Mann. Clooney went on to talk about how brilliant she is and how happy he is that he married someone smarter than he is.

Clooney was married once before, which is something I did not know. He was married to Talia Balsam, a fellow actor, from 1989-1993. Amal is his second marriage.

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Drinkers Claim Bulletproof Coffee Delivers a Super Feeling

Bulletproof Coffee is promoting the concept that a cup of joe whipped with grass-fed butter helps people lose weight and become more energized and smarter. The idea has made headway since December 2010 when creator Dave Asprey first posted the recipe at his office. Asprey began offering the 450-calorie concoction in his first brick-and-mortar cafe and coffee shop in Santa Monica, California, in late April. The beverage has outspoken fans among the physique-conscious actors, surfers and Los Angeles Lakers of Southern California.

Santa Monica was chosen by Asprey, a well-known biohacker and curator of the Bulletproof Executive website, because California is home to more of his online followers than any other location. Asprey, who lives in British Columbia, is planning to expand his burgeoning business to other locations.

The recipe’s ingredients and popularity did not come easily for Asprey. He has been working on the brew since 2004 when he discovered the benefits of hot butter drinks. He was rejuvenated by yak-butter tea following a long, bitterly cold hike in Tibet. The tea made him feel invincible, he said, and he wanted to replicate that super feeling with a similar drink.

Asprey’s first attempts at creating his own were not tasty, so he switched to a coffee base. He disliked the fact that most coffees on the market contain mold since he knew the effects of molds on the body. As a result, the biohacker sought out low-mold beans and located a source in Guatemala for Bulletproof Coffee.

To his coffee Asprey added unsalted, grass-fed butter, for its higher omega-3 fatty acid content, and coconut oil. He later replaced the coconut oil with MCT oil, which he calls “brain octane” and which lacks the tropical flavor of the former. The super-hero feeling of invincibility the drink delivers is why Asprey named it Bulletproof Coffee. He insists that another perk of the brew is weight loss as it helped him shed extra pounds he had struggled for years to drop.

The high-calorie drink substitutes for breakfast as people jump-start their brains and bodies each day. The one Bulletproof Coffee shop up and running is offering not just the high-octane drink but other high-fat foods Asprey believes enhance brain function and mood and deliver a sense of fullness and satisfaction. As his beverage’s popularity grows, Asprey envisions thousands of other shops and millions of energized, slender customers fattening his coffers.

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