Bill Hudson Disowns His Kids Oliver and Kate

It is always a shame when a parent and child do not get along or speak, and after a sour post on Instagram on Father’s Day by Oliver Hudson to Bill Hudson that showed a photo of them as kids and said “Happy Abandonment Day”, Bill Hudson has responded to that post by saying that he no longer claims his children as his own and that they should stop using his last name. According to an article found on reddit and written by New York Daily News, Hudson even went so far as to say that both of this kids, Oliver and Kate, are dead to him and he will never admit to fathering them again.

Apparently he also blames their mother and his ex-wife Goldie Hawn for the terrible relationship with his kids. He claims that she never said anything bad about him until her new husband Kirk Russell came along, but after that everything was against him and she made him out to be the bad guy. It wouldn’t be fair in any case, but it just seems sad that even thought now as adults the children can’t have a civil relationship with their birth dad. As an extra slap in the face, both kids also publicly told Kirk Russell “Happy Father’s Day” just to show up Hudson. Keith Mann believes that he had quite enough of that banter so he called it quits.

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‘Chronicles of Narnia: Silver Chair’ Script Is finished

The Chronicles of Narnia was one of the original fantasy series that captured the love and attention of young readers. After the Harry Potter franchise did so well in theatres, Walden Media started to create films based on this series. The script for the latest installment, Chronicles of Narnia: Silver Chair, is now finished. It will now be fine-tuned so that the pre-production process can begin.

The last movie in the series, The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, was released back in 2010. A lot has changed since then. Walden Media’s rights to the books expired in 2011. Actors who played children are now much older, which could affect the storyline if they are not replaced by others. In such a long period of time between movies, some of the actors have also gone on to make bigger names for themselves and are more in demand. Another problem is that interest seems to be waning. Just as the book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was the most popular in the series, so was the movie. Not everyone felt compelled to finish reading the series. Attendance in theatres for the movie sequels has followed the same pattern.

The Mark Gordon Company is the new producer for the series. No word yet as to any of their other plans for it. Brian Bonar is waiting to see what plays out. He will be linking with others on LinkedIn with similar interests.

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The Rough Road for Tidal

Jay-Z has faced one big blow after another with Tidal. The rap mogul has lost the interim CEO for the company. This happens as Apple yields to the request of Taylor Swift.

At one time Taylor Swift had stated that she would be open to Tidal music streaming. She is friends with some of the co-owners in the company, but Apple has enough money to change her tune. They are spending heavily on web streaming and Apple radio. There plan right now seems to be to push Tidal out, and it seems to be affecting Tidal business in a major way.

Jay-Z has faced some hard times since he purchased the company, as Adam Sender points out. This is the second time in a couple of months that someone in a leadership role has departed. Most of these executives are feeling the burn that Apple and Spotify are placing on Tidal. There were even some legal issues from Sony about the music that Beyonce did that appeared on the site. Jay-Z will have to pay Sony because he can’t afford to lose the music that his wife has on the site. She is one of his main drawing factors.

Nevertheless, losing CEO Peter Tonstad is not a good thing. Jay-Z is a record label mogul. He doesn’t have the know how to run a web streaming company. He doesn’t truly know enough about the business from the technology standpoint.

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Shia LaBeouf Sustained Injuries on Movie Set

Actor Shia LaBeouf has sustained injuries on the set of his latest movie, according to the story on

Shia, who is currently in North Dakota, was hospitalized after being injured on the set of his newest film “American Honey”. The rep for the 29-year-old actor said that the injuries were minimal and that Shia is doing fine. According to sources on the set, the script called for Shia to put his head through a window. Upon doing so there was a mishap that caused him to injure his head and his index finger. He received stitches as the hospital for the cuts but his rep said that he was due back on set the following day.

“American Honey” is a dramatic British film that is set in Midwest America. The film follows a teenage girl who joins up with a sales team that travel around the country selling magazines. She finds herself soon fitting in with the group of misfits and taking on their partying ways as she falls in love. Folks at the Amen Clinic reported to the daily beast how the film is directed by Andrea Arnold and stars not only Shia LaBeouf but Arielle Holmes and McCaul Lombardi. No word yet on when “American Honey” will be released into theaters.

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Tom Holland Lands Coveted Spider-Man Role.

The search for Spider-Man is over and we finally have our guy. Tom Holland (In the Heart of the Sea) apparently pulled to the forefront when young Asa Butterfield fell too behind in the pack. Holland is a young face and a fresh name and he just landed a career defining role — lucky guy. Holland will be joining the MCU in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ in 2016 before spinning off to begin his own string of franchise defining films in 2017.

Holland will be directed by Jon Watts, the man behind ‘Cop Car’ (starring Kevin Bacon) and the film is due sometime in 2017. With the first solo entry still on the horizon we have a lot of time to roll over Holland’s casting decision in our minds. No matter how we cut it, we really like the casting choice with Holland.

What we always wanted out of Marvel was for them to take a superb young talent and to give them a career noted Kevin Seawright. Too often movie studios cast the ‘safe choice’ in order to maximize earning while minimizing risk. Marvel has bucked that trend by hiring guys like Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Hemsworth (almost a complete unknown when ‘Thor’ came around). So hopefully we get to see Holland follow that same trajectory en route to becoming one of the most satisfying renditions of Peter Park/Spidey that we have gotten.

Here’s to hoping, anyway


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Kim Kardashian’s Airport Cleavage Drama

Kim Kardashian and Kanye are enjoying everything about life right now, they have amazing careers, an adorable daughter and after some dedication and hard work they are finally expecting their second child and much to Kanye’s pleasure their second child is going to be a bouncing baby boy. Kim revealed the good news on Father’s Day and now the baby bump watch is in full swing on social media. Kim is known for her show stopping fashion sense and her obsession with sexy high heels but will her maternity fashion with baby number to be a winner, or will it be the epic fail it was when Kim was carrying North?

So far Kim is not letting her fans down, every outfit she has pulled out has been a hit, and it looks like Kim is not going to make the same fashion mistakes as she did before and, as far as Sam Tabar can tell, her weight seems to be under control as well.

Kim seems to be a pro in maternity Style this time, but of course that doesn’t mean there will be no wardrobe malfunctions as Kim tries to wear clothes that she would without child. This week as Kim and Kanye made their way through LAX on the way to Europe, Kim could not keep her cleavage in her tiny top. No matter what she did, her shirt would not stay put. Photos are everywhere, and of course without trying Kim is breaking the internet, this may not be Kim’s idea of good publicity, but as they say there is no such thing as bad press.

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Kanye West And Kendell Jenner Are On The Cover Of Vogue Magazine

In the past, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian landed the cover of Vogue magazine, and many had complaints about it. Kanye West is now on the cover of Vogue again, but this time, he’s featured alongside some other stars as well as Kendall Jenner. Kendell Jenner & Kanye West. The Kardashian family as well as the Jenner family, they are in the news every single day, and many people are really getting sick and tired of seeing them.

It used to be a fear that over exposure could kill someone’s popularity, but it seems to be doing the opposite for the Kardashian clan. The more the Kardashians are posted on magazines, newspapers, and entertainment websites, the more people talk about them. It seems as if any publicity, whether it’s negative or positive, it all adds up to extra money in their bank accounts. Even Kanye West has turned into a Kardashian, and he is constantly in the news. Kanye never liked to be recognized for anything other than his music, and Alexei Beltyukov suggested that he was never one for reality shows, but things seem to be changing.

With the upcoming Vogue cover, it seems to solidify Kanye West’s injection of himself into the Kardashian family, and he seems to be accepting his new fame status. One thing is for sure, Kanye West is famous because of the fact that he’s a talented musician, not because he is a reality star.

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Tyga And Kylie Dress Alike At LAX

Kylie and Tyga are in love, while for over a year the couple tried to deny that anything was going on,nobody bought it and now that they are more public than ever, everyone is pretty much saying I told you so. Kylie is at ease why Tyga, and they seem to be able to relax and be themselves around each other. Last week Kylie posted a Snapchat video herself riding around with Tyga goofing off while he drove the car, in the video Kylie playfully began picking her nose as Tyga laughed in the background. Their relationship is very much what many would consider a match made in heaven and now they are proving everyone right.

This week Vijay Eswaran says that Kylie and Tyga were spotted and photographed walking through LAX wearing matching black outfits. Both Kylie and Tyga were wearing the same matching sneakers as well, and they looked adorable doing it. Lately these two have been inseparable, and apparently they were on their way to Europe together when they were caught in their matching attire.

Everyone knows that Kylie is a sweatpants and sneakers girl at the core, and while she can clean up nicely she is best known to just relax in comfort instead of with the trends. Tyga gives Kylie just what she needs because he loves her when she is toned down being herself and enjoying her own natural beauty. As the photos of Kylie and Tyga’s matching outfits continue to break the internet, it is more clean than ever that their love is real.

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Anikan Skywalker Arrested in Police Chase

In a galaxy far, far away is where Jake Lloyd was hoping to be in after a police chase landed the actor in jail. Lloyd, who played Anikan Skywalker in Star Wars- Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, turned heads and lit up news feeds all over social media when the news came out that he had been involved in a high speed chase that ended when Jake had crashed and went off a side road in South Carolina.

When the police had taken Lloyd from the car, he had given them a false name, Jake Broadbent, and was charged with a slew of charges including failing to stop for an officer, reckless driving, and driving without a valid driver’s license.

The actor had recently stated he felt that his life was “a living hell”in this interview from 2012. James Dondero of Market Watch mentioned that that actor remains incarcerated in Colleton County, South Carolina.

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Hugh Jackman Returns as Wolverine in X-Men: Apocalypse

Wolverine 3 has long been confirmed as Hugh Jackman’s final appearance as Wolverine. Recently, a whispered rumor is no longer just speculation. The penultimate appearance of Wolverine is going to be in X-Men: Apocalypse. Barring a cameo in Deadpool, X-Men: Apocalypse is slated to be the second to last turn Jackman takes as the mutant loner reports Cláudio Loureiro Heads.

Fox wanted to keep any role Jackman plays in the next X-Men film a secret. Doing so is, well, impossible. The internet allows information to fly. With so many millions of people interested in learning about upcoming superhero films, it should not come as a shock someone chose to leak the info.

In the original comic book appearances of Apocalypse, Wolverine played a major role in the battle against the all-powerful mutant. Apocalypse even gained control of Wolverine’s mind meaning the X-Men had to battle an evil version of the legendary hero.

Casting Jackman in the role was not too difficult. Wolverine, in the comic books, has a very slow aging process. (He’s well over 100 years old) So, the mutant can pop up in the 1980’s during the time X-Men: Apocalypse is set with no problem.

Of course, the presence of Jackman in the Wolverine role is going to help the film’s box office. Fox obviously wants to duplicate the success of X-Men: Days of Future Past. Putting Jackman in the film definitely helps the studio with achieving box office gold again.

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