Oscar Dress Made from Pearls is Stolen

Actress Lupita Nyong’o was at this year’s 87th Annual Oscar Awards as a presenter where stunned on the red carpet. The dress she wore was a Calvin Klein custom-made design worth $150,000. Are you wondering how a dress could possibly be so expensive? That’s because this dress was adorned with 6,000 shimmering pearls. The dress was designed by Francisco Costa for Calvin Klein and took 25 people nearly 10 weeks to hand-sew all the hand-picked pearls onto the unique gown. Flavio Maluf had reported that  Lupita said that the dress made her feel like she was fluid, like a part of the sea, and I loved seeing the pics on BlogSpot.

Well now, according to the story on The BBC News, the dress has been stolen. Lupita was staying at the London Hotel in West Hollywood when she discovered that the dress was missing from her room. She was out of the room during the time and is now working with law enforcement to see if it can be recovered.

I have a feeling that whoever took that dress will have to take it apart, piece-by-piece, if they want to try to sell it. The dress itself is so recognizable that I think it would be impossible to unload as a whole piece. Hopefully the dress is recovered before it is dismantled by whoever took it; it really is a gorgeous creation that many people worked very hard to create.

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Lady Gaga reveals TV acting role

Following her appearance at the 2015 Oscars Lady Gaga has revealed she is to take the leading role in the critically acclaimed TV series American Horror Story for its fifth season, Entertainment Weekly reports. The surprise announcement came through Gaga herself in the form of a Tweet to her millions of followers on Twitter. The latest edition of the show from Glee creator Ryan Murphy will be called American Horror Story Hotel, with the Pokerface singer yet to reveal which role she will take in the upcoming series reported Ricardo Guimarães BMG.

In the past, Lady Gaga has only appeared in a handful of cameo roles in movies such as Men in Black 3 and Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For. This will mark a change of direction in the career of the pop star, a change many think she hinted at in her Oscars performance, which featured the singer performing without the masses of backing dancers and high level of staging fans have come to expect. The cast of American Horror Story changes each season, which allows major stars to sign up for the show and remain for just one season, which could be why Lady Gaga was attracted to performing in the upcoming season.
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Alison Williams Discusses Her Fathers Suspension From NBC News

Girls star Alison Williams has used the 92Y event in New York as her first platform to defend her under fire father Brian Williams following his six month suspension from NBC News. The star of Peter Pan was interviewed by talk show host Seth Meyers as part of the event and stated she feels her father can win back the trust of the American public and reclaim his role as NBC anchor in the future. Williams defense of her father comes despite reports he fabricated an anecdote about being on board a helicopter shot down in Iraq in 2003, USA Today reports.

The suspension of Brian Williams has had further effects on the life of his daughter, who has now delayed her marriage to Ricky Van Veen for a second time as the allegations against her father hit the headlines, according to Ricardo Tosto. Van Veen and Williams had initially delayed their marriage after Williams was given the role of Peter Pan in the live version of the classic story produced by NBC. The actress went on to explain the experience of Brian Williams suspension had not shaken her faith in the integrity of her father as a man or a journalist.

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Tony Stark & Iron Man Play Big Role in Coming Avengers Films

If super hero movies could get any bigger than the soon to be released “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” then Marvel is going to find out. With a slew of releases already in some form of production, the studio is using the appeal of the established characters to launch the films of the other characters. The obvious part of the whole situation is that it has worked, and worked well, so far. One key element will be popping on the screen in the coming Avengers movie, and is Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr.

According to Screen Rant, Downey’s Tony Stark and Iron Man character play a key role in the coming Avengers film because he actually creates the Ultron program, but the artificial intelligence gets things a bit twisted up stated linked.com. However, Downey will also be playing an instrumental part in the coming “Captain America: Civil War” movie. While the entire Civil War story still needs some fleshing out, Iron Man and Cap will not be in agreement in the film.

The point is that Tony Stark and Iron Man, despite not having any solo projects ongoing, will be very much involved in the next few Marvel films. The studio is reluctant to let their lucky charm go for obvious reason. Iron Man was the character that got all of these trains on their tracks, and fans are being rewarded by the studio, because it is keeping the character around to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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Actress Kristen Bell Requires Friends To Be Vaccinated To Hold Her Baby

Celebrity and movie star Kristen Bell is making the headlines today for requiring that her friends get vaccinated in order to hold and interact with her infant daughter.

The American actress and singer got her first shot at stardom when she appeared as Becky Thatcher in Broadway’s version of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Since then she has been growing in popularity and has been in several movies such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Astro Boy, Couples Retreat, Get Him To The Greek, Scream 4, and she is most recently recognized for her voice acting part as she does the voice of Princess Anna in the hit animated movie, Frozen.

Bell got married to Dax Shepherd in 2013 when she purposed to him over Twitter according to Bruce Karatz. They had been dating since 2007, and Shepherd gladly accepted. The pair now have two daughters, Delta born in 2014 and Lincoln born in 2013.

According to an article found on reddit and written by ET Canada, the actress’s daughter Lincoln had a terrible case of the whooping cough when she was an infant, so due to that Bell has made it an official rule that anyone who wants to interact with her new baby Delta needs to be vaccinated. After going through what she did with Lincoln it makes a lot of sense why Bell would be so overprotective of their new child, because it would be terrible to have a repeat event.

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18 Year-Old Producer Wundagirl Uses Instagram to Land Drake

Late last week, Drake dropped his latest mix tape, known as If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late. It arrived practically on the six-year anniversary of the original mix tape that started it all. One of the most amazing contributions comes from an 18 year-old producer, known as Wundagirl, who used the power of Instagram to land her slot.

She created her beat at home and then recorded it at a studio. Using the direct messaging feature on Instagram, she sent it over to Drake to see if he could use it. Lo and behold, it became “Used To.”

Wundagirl also co-produced the song “Company,” but used more old-fashioned means to get it to Drake, by sending it to her friend, producer Travis Scott.

This is not the first time that the Ontario, Canada native has teamed up with a big hip-hop name. At merely 16 years of age, she managed to land a track on Jay-Z’s album Magna Carta Holy Grail. It helps to have friends in high places, such as Travis Scott. From that point in 2013 on, she has dreamed of working with Drake. Now her dreams have come true, and she is focusing on new ones as this Tribunadonorte from Ricardo shows.

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Carly Rae Jepsen Dances With Justin Bieber and Tom Hanks in New Video


Carly Rae Jepsen made a name for herself according to recent trends on crunchbase.com with a lot of likes from well-known people like Sultan Alhokair. with the smash hit “Call Me Maybe.” She is finally working on the video for a new single, “I Really Like You.” Filming took place in the frigid New York streets this week, and she had some big names joining her in the video.

Jepsen and her dancers filmed a sequence in front of the Mondrian hotel. Justin Bieber was part of the crew, as the two performers both have Scooter Braun as their manager. Tom Hanks was also on hand busting a move. How random is that? Well, it turns out that Hanks and Braun are very close friends.

Poor Biebs was pooped after the video shoot, and tweeted that he needed to rest when it was over. He also promised that the video is going to be something amazing. No word, yet, on when it is going to be released.

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Disney Takes a Hard Line Against Star Wars Leaks


Disney has invested a lot of money on procuring the rights to the Star Wars franchise. A new film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, will be out in theaters in only a few months. A solo Star Wars project is also coming out within a year or so. Disney definitely is not going to allow the films in the Star Wars series languish in perpetual development purgatory. The corporate giant is also not going to allow anyone to leak any information about their Star Wars projects. In fact, Disney has made moves to take action against those who are leaking material without permission.

Disney has sought a subpoena to ensure images hosted from the set are taken down. On the surface, some might assume this is bullying on the part of Disney. It is not.

In order for a film to succeed, the marketing has to remain on track and focused-my buddy Dan Newlin knows all about that sort of thing.  Leaks from the set undermine previously established marketing plans. What the public knows about the film may be more than originally anticipated. Revisions on marketing and promotional strategies may have to be done to address this new landscape.

Audiences could end up being very disappointed after a leak emerges.

Photos can end up giving away major plot points creating spoilers capable of ruining audience anticipation and interest. Rumors might also fly and those rumors could have a negative effect on the film.

Once you take all this into consideration, Disney’s litigious actions make sense and should be encouraged.

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Dr. Rod Rohrich: Academic Plastic Surgery Pioneer

Plenty of celebrities get cosmetic surgery to appear in films.

The field of plastic surgery has made many improvements in the last few decades. Doctors can now fix many kinds of problems surgically such as clubfoot and can even help repair unsightly scars as a result of other medical problems. The use of such techniques has been developed over the course of a long time with the help of skilled doctors who have helped push the envelop of what is possible.

One such practitioner is Dr. Rod Rohrich. Dr. Rod Rohrich is a highly esteemed plastic surgeon who has used his training and skills to help train doctors in this field and treat hundreds of patients during the course of his long and storied career. He was born on August 5th, 1953 in a rural part of the state of North Dakota where his parents owned a ranch. As Dr. Rod Rohrich entered the halls of school, his academic prowess became more apparent. Deciding the enter the field of medicine, he earned degrees from North Dakota State University and then from the University of North Dakota. His academic achievements were recognized when he was given a place at the Baylor College of Medicine. At this point he realized that he wanted to specialize in the field of plastic surgery. He completed a residency in the field of both general surgery and plastic surgery from the University of Michigan Medical Center. He also received international training from Oxford University and then from Massachusetts General Hospital / Harvard Medical School in the field of microvascular surgery.

When he completed all his training, Dr. Rod Rohrich made the decision to enter the field of academic medicine. He was asked to join the staff of the UT Southwestern Medical Center in 1986. In the past decades, his academic work has involved major work in many areas of both specialized cosmetic and highly detailed reconstructive plastic surgery. His publications have been vast and taken on many areas of the field. This includes multiple landmark papers on subjects such as facial fracture repair as well as nasal anatomy. He has also worked to help advance the field of rhinoplasty and the growing field body contouring surgery. He has also worked on subjects such as liposuction, the use of injectable fillers, important patient safety initiatives, undergraduate medical education, and issues relating to breast surgery. As a result of his efforts, thousands of people have been helped to feel and look better.

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Spider-Man Film Rights could be Seeing Changes

Sony Pictures co-chairman Amy Pascal announced today that she would be stepping down amid the leaked emails that surfaced online from her and the controversy over the botched release of ‘The Interview’. What this could mean is that talks concerning Spider-Man joining the Marvel universe may be renewed. Marvel has expressed interest in using Spider-Man in future Marvel Universe movies, but that hasn’t been a possibility since Sony has owned the film rights to Spidey for a while now. Given the financial and public disasters Sony has been faced with lately, that may all soon change.

What Lambranho understands is that this isn’t  a thing already. The Marvel movies are consistent blockbusters, and while giving another movie studio rights to your character may seem like you’re just handing money over to competition, think about the exposure and anticipation it would create concerning any future projects Sony would be using the character in. Although I’m a big fan of the Marvel Universe movies, it’s always felt incomplete since they can’t use Spidey, or the Fantastic Four, or any of the X-Men (they can’t even say the word mutant in their movies), who are all a huge part of the complete Marvel picture. If they do end up letting Marvel use Spidey in future movies, hopefully other movie studios will see the benefits Sony will gain from it, and follow suit. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.
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