Julia Jackson, Voice of a Lifelong Legacy

Julia Jackson, spokesperson for Jackson Family Wines, is the driving force behind the company, with lifelong experience in the wine business, and has extensive knowledge on the components of wine making and the best foods to pair it with. Her job training began as a child when her father made her pick berries to help her understand the importance of work and appreciate the hurdles that need to be overcome to find success, valuable skills for her future career and learn more about Julia Jackson.

Julia Jackson found her education at Scripps College in Claremonr, California. Interestingly, she graduated with a degree in studio art as well as receiving a certificate in general management from the Stanford School of Business, another valuable asset for her future role and resume her.

Julia Jackson also founded Cambria Seeds of Empowerment, a non-profit organization dedicated to “Warrior Women” who have overcome life’s hardships and inspiring others to do the same.

Jackson Family Wines also has an extensive list of brands it produces, an example being Champ de Reves, a Californian wine, harvested from Boone Ridge Vineyard, among many others.

Julia Jackson’s life experiences have molded her into the perfect candidate for the business she now speaks for. The future looks bright for her and her company and will hopefully continue to supply the world with the finest wine possible and read full article.