George Street Photo and Video Produces Beautiful Wedding Images in Chicago’s Best Locations

Brides and grooms who are deciding on wedding venues and locations for photographs in Chicago have probably discovered that the area is rich with options. It is important to find a photographer who can do justice to the beautiful locations and beautiful event. The team at George Street Photo and Video Address Locations can do just that, working closely with you to understand your vision for capturing the day. The George Street Team has locations in the Chicago metro area, Schaumburg and Orland Park with experience photographing in a multitude of venues.

You can go to their website to see some of their preferred spots in Chicago and its suburbs, as well as to view their impressive portfolio from previous events. After meeting with a photography planner, your important day is captured by a talented photographer and team of digital artists to ensure every detail is documented with their unique, award-winning style.

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Yanni Hufnagel is a Talented Assistant Coach who will Eventually Land a Head Coaching Position

If you have not heard of Yanni Hufnagel, then you probably not alone. Yanni Hufnagel is a college basketball assistant coach and recruiter. He is one of the top recruiters in this country. His time as an assistant coach is nothing but praiseworthy. Hufnagel has an amazing resume since he first began coaching in 2007 at Oklahoma.

Hufnagel is best known to NCAA industry insiders. He is a quiet but effective assistant coach that is a master at recruiting top tier talent. He has even recruited players such as Jaylen Brown who plays for the Boston Celtics. Hufnagel has a talent for spotting basketball players with talent. He knows how to get top rated recruits to sign up for any program that he represents. Once he has them signed, he then helps to coach them into a competitive and winning team.

Yanni Hufnagel has consistently transformed low ranked teams into champions. He did this for Harvard’s basketball team in 2012 and 2013. Due to his effort and his keen recruiting sense; Yanni helped the Crimson to become a highly rated team during that year. He even managed to get current Brooklyn Nets player, Jeremy Lyn, to join Crimson’s ranks.

This is just an example about the talent and skill that Hufnagel has at the assistant coaching position. He knows exactly what he is doing. He has been coaching for over the past decade and many industry insiders honestly believe that he will emerge as one college basketball’s leading head coaches. Some even claim that this young and aspiring assistant coach is even ready for that position now.

Being a head coach of a major NCAA men’s basketball program is an honor and also a very important responsibility. However, Hufnagel can handle the job. He has proven this time and again. His ability to take lower ranked teams and turn them into athletic powerhouses is astounding. If Yanni Hufnagel stays on the path that is currently taking, he will eventually become one of the leading figures in college basketball history.

Karl Heideck – Philadelphia, PA Lawsuit

On May 15, 2017, the City of Philadelphia filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania against Wells Fargo Bank. Karl Heideck explains the circumstances around the recent lawsuit brought by the city of Philadelphia, against Wells Fargo Bank. Philadelphia has alleged that Wells Fargo Bank violated the Fair Housing Act of 1968 practicing predatory lending by giving high interest high risk loans to its African American and Hispanic borrowers.

According to the plaintiff, the city of Philadelphia, Wells Fargo steered Black and Hispanic borrowers with good credit to higher interest rate and riskier loans than what they qualified to receive. The city also says that the bank then made it difficult for those borrowers to refinance those same loans later, forcing many of them into foreclosure. These findings were substantiated by a year’s worth of research. After reviewing records covering a ten year period (2004-2014), it was discovered that Wells Fargo had given blacks higher interest loans twice as often as whites with the same credit rating. All the borrowers had a 660 FICO score. Hispanics were given higher interest rate, riskier loans 1.7 times more often than whites.

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Philadelphia alleges that these discriminatory practices led to minority neighborhood blight due to the high foreclosure rates. Their records indicated that minority owned homes were 4.7 times more likely to be foreclosed than home in predominantly white neighborhoods. Philadelphia is asking for an injunction against the bank forcing it to stop its discriminatory practices and unspecified monetary damages.

This lawsuit follows a ruling by the Supreme Court that allows Miami to sue Wells Fargo and Bank of America under the Fair Housing Act. Philadelphia will be the second city lining up to sue Wells Fargo. And, Wells Fargo is still reeling after last year’s unveiling of falsified bank accounts that were opened by bank employees to ensure that sales goals were met. Philadelphia is within its rights to sue considering that 43% of its 1.7 million residents are African American and according to a 2010 census 12% are Hispanic.

A large percentage of its population may have been negatively affected by the redlining practices of Wells Fargo Bank. Redlining is the constitutionally prohibited practice of drawing a red line around districts where loans are not desired due to ethnicity or race. This is what Philadelphia believes Wells Fargo did when assigning loans to Philadelphia’s minority home buyers. The only time redlining is allowed is around properties in flood plains.

Wells Fargo is fighting the allegations pointing to their 140 history. They claim that the City of Philadelphia’s allegations are unsubstantiated. Karl Heideck, an attorney at Grant & Eisenhower PA reviews complex banking litigation and securities fraud cases, has noted the major details of this pending case. When the case is decided, we’ll see if Wells Fargo was truly guilty of discriminatory lending practices in Philadelphia, PA.

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The Power Of Avaaz Is Its Members

The meaning of Avaaz is the voice in a number of European and Asian languages. This is an organization that was launched in 2007. It has a simple mission to get the citizens of all the countries together in order to get the world that most of us want.


It is able to empower millions of people from around the world to press for action on several global, and regional as well as national issues. These would include issues like corruption, poverty, conflict as well as environmental impact.


Avaaz believes in making use of the power of internet so that thousands of tiny efforts of individuals can be combined rapidly and turned into a powerful force collectively.


They have campaigns which are in 15 languages. There is a core team that is spread over 6 continents. Besides, there are thousands of volunteers to take the path forward. The action plan includes the signing of petitions, funding several media campaigns, taking direct actions, using emailing, making phone calls, lobbying governments, besides organizing several protests and events. This way the views of the people reach those who are taking decisions that are affecting all of us.


Typically Avaaz is making use of new technology as well as the concept of global interdependence in order to work. The other global groups have networks specific to each issue. Each of these national chapters will have their own staff, along with budget, processes, decision infrastructure and so on. But Avaaz has a global team that can work on any issue which is of public concern. Hence there is extraordinary flexibility and focus. Besides, the campaign can be quickly scaled up.



The online community of Avaaz is like a megaphone as it can call attention to any new issue. This way the public can be organized into a specific campaign. This helps to meet any urgent need.

Talking about the Internet of Things with Jason Hope

At one given time in your life, you must have had a strong conviction about something. This could be religion, a scientific belief or something you simply believe in. As for Jason Hope, this strong conviction is the Internet of Things. Perhaps this term may be new to you, but it’s the connection of devices allowing them to synchronize with one another and share information in the process. These are not complicated devices or devices that will be invented in the coming future, but they include devices that we interact with on a daily basis. They include gadgets like cell phones, kitchen appliances, street lights as well as traffic lights and learn more about Jason.

Jason Hope is known for being a commentator and writer of the Internet of Things. He sees it as the next big thing that great companies will be scrambling to be part of. For this reason, he is regarded as very knowledgeable when it comes to this subject and is usually consulted on some issues. Jason Hope predicts that in the coming years, we will depend on the Internet of Things to go about our daily routine such as make coffee, turn lights on and off and operate basic utilities in our homes. According to this futurist, the main aim of this technology is to reduce wastage on materials while at the same time making life easier. He gives an example of the transportation sector where the Internet of Things will make it easier to monitor trains and buses by keeping track of their routes. At the same time, it will be possible to reduce traffic accidents on our roads while also reducing pollution through emission and read full article.

There’s something for the people living in the rural areas according to Jason Hope. It will be easier to monitor accidents in these areas and hence, dispatch emergency teams as soon as possible. Hope has lived in Arizona his entire life. Jason of Linkedin, He even acquired his undergraduate degree from the University of Arizona. Beyond commentating about the Internet of Things, Jason Hope spends some of his time with philanthropy helping the needy people from the Arizona Community and contact him.

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Redefining Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Experts in the medical field may have accidentally stumbled across a treatment for a rare disease. Based on evidence provided from a clinical trial, stem cell transplants may actually induce vast remission of Multiple Sclerosis.

The trail was conducted over a period of five years. Through a process called immunosuppressive therapy and autologous hematopoietic cell transplant (HDIT/HCT), doctors and researchers were able to muster enough data to form a responsive conclusion. In the end, over 60 percent of MS inflected individuals had yield some form of regression. The patients either experienced no MS progress, delayed progression, no relapses or showed evidence of no new brain lesions present.

The study was initially conducted through ITN and sponsored through the NIAID and NIH. Although the results yielded positive results, both the conductors and sponsors would like to test the treatment on a wider scale. The broad study will allow doctors to further monitor any potential risk that MS patients may face.

Many neurologic reasearchers and neurologist remain hopeful for the future of thos inflected with MS. One of the top neurologist in the country has spent ample time combating the dangerous immune disease.

Dr.Shiva Gopal Vasishta, MD has spent over 40 years in the medical field. The Government Medical College graduate also specializes in Psychiatry. Regarded as one of the mpst prolific neurologist in the country, the news of this newly found MS treatment will directly impact many patients of his.

The board certified doctor practices at Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates. The New Jersey native hopes of curing MS with this therapeutic treatment may soon become a reality for many.

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The EOS wide range of lip balms

EOS lip balm is a lip care line that deals with lip balms. The lip balms which are all natural come in different colors and flavors. Since the company was founded, it has gained a huge following with some of the popular celebrities using this line of lip balms. The EOS lip balms are made using all organic and natural ingredients. The lip balms are meant to give your lips moisture and to keep them looking baby soft. The EOS lip balms come with the refreshing flavors of fruits of peach, blueberry and strawberry. Some of the flavors that are used in making EOS lip balms include:

  • Passion fruit
  • Sweet mint
  • Strawberry sorbet
  • Vanilla bean
  • Medicated tangerine
  • Pomegranate raspberry
  • Blueberry Acai
  • Honeysuckle honeydew

No matter the type of flavor that you want, you are guaranteed to find it at the EOS range of lip balms. The EOS lip balms are easily recognizable due to their colorful and round appearance. The lip balm which is packed in pods, sells for approximately $3.29 and may vary depending on the place of purchase, either offline or online. EOS lip balms are 95% organic and are paraben-free. They are also made with shea butter, vitamins and jojoba oil.   Check on for details.

The pomegranate raspberry flavored EOS lip balm, which is common among many users of this lip care line, is packed with soothing shea butter, antioxidant-rich vitamin E and jojoba oil. This type of lip balm is free from petrolatum and paraben and is 100% natural. It keeps your lips sensationally smooth, soft and also moist.

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For those people who normally experience dry and chapped lips, EOS lip balms can work magic for you and give you smooth, kissable and good-looking lips. It is also important to choose a flavor that will suit you and that you like most.  Follow EOS on

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