Nuo-DB Applications/Advantages:

Nuo-DB-SQL provides great flexibility, strong database foundation as well as helping meet busy demands of a business environment. Nuo-DB-SQL enables businesses to create new Cloud based applications with focus on relational databases as well as No-SQL data.

Nuo-DB will enable a business to modernize any existing or outdated Cloud application. Nuo-DB will provide the most cost-effective as well as flexible type database for all of your business as well as personal needs. You may be amazed at the efficency that Nuo-DB will create.

Nuo-DB can help you gain a competitive advantage within the business market. Application level changes and agreements will certainly help any business organization run more smoothly and effectively. In addition, new infrastructure costs will become available by simply taking advantage of what Nuo-DB has to offer its customers.

This new system will enables you to reuse existing applications. In addition, required internal updates can be done more easily with less margin for error. Your entire database system will be handling data management logic instead of using your existing application.

Nuo-DB-SQL Database can actually help you plan and build your future. The Cloud pay-as-you-go pricing alternative reduces risk and out of pocket costs. Any new applications can now be built on open source databases. By implementing an effective Nuo-DB-SQL system you significantly reduce overall disaster recovery expense by as much as 50%.

Finally, there are so many ways in which you can modernize Cloud applications in which you use on a regular basis. This seems to be the most attractive of what Nuo-DB-SQL has to offer its customers. Long term benefits are quite remarkable.

Highland Capital Management Seals a Lucrative Healthcare Investment Deal in Korea

Highland Capital Management continues to make a profound positive impact not just in America alone, but abroad as well. In South Korea, for instance, the hedge fund group reportedly landed a lucrative deal signed off by South Korean’s government. Highland Capital Korea recently partnered with a leading South Korean private venture capital firm, Stonebridge Capital Inc. Together, the firms aimed to bring on board health care investments and assets in the Asian region under the fund’s management. Stonebridge Capital controlled assets worth $147M coming into the deal with Highland Capital, according to this post.

Shifting Medical Trends

Speaking soon after the deal closed, Highland’s Korea MD, Matt Jameson expressed a lot of optimism about the future prospects of the healthcare investment niche in the Asia Pacific area. James argues that the demand for affordable healthcare services by Americans in Asia is only going to grow in the years ahead. The problems ailing the American healthcare system are going to force countless people to seek cheaper albeit quality medical intervention services and products in places like China, Korea, Japan and Singapore. Therefore, Jameson adds, healthcare stocks, shares and equities investments in the Asian region are one of the safest bets for investors in the markets today and, in the foreseeable future.

On the 11th of October 2016, Highland’s Capital Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer, Mark Okada got the honor to ring the opening bell at NASDAQ’s headquarters in New York. It was the same day that Highlands Capital’s retail affiliate arm, The Highland iBoxx Senior Loan ETF started trading on the NASDAQ.

Company Profile

Highland Capital Management is a NASDAQ-quoted venture capital firm with an estimated net worth of over $2.2 billion as of 6/30/2017, according to this website. Highland Capital is an SEC-registered investment firm operating from Dallas, Texas. It is reported to control and manage client’s assets worth over $15 billion. The Dallas, Texas-based alternative credit financing institution handles a diversified portfolio that, includes investments in credit and long-only funds, collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), short/long equities, emerging markets investments. The management firm also has branch offices in Singapore, Sao Paolo, Seoul, and, in New York. Highland Capital is owned and managed by the brilliant financial minds, Mark Okada and James Dondero.

Agora Financial Saves Investors With Accurate Predictions

Agora Financial recently did a free tutorial on YouTube discouraging customers from receiving payment from investors in exchange for protection. Their economic commentary has helped hundreds of individuals save the reputation of their financial portfolio. AF tutorials make predictions based on extensive expertise in the economic market. They were recently recognized in the Wall Street Journal for their accuracy and bold predictions during the YouTube economic commentary. Their editors give their viewers actual transparency of the financial market. They help restore the trust in investing and are experienced on how to invest your money and when the market is good. Agora Financial focuses on being completely 100% independent and their clients get a non bias review/prediction.

Agora Financial has been serving the financial marketplace for nearly 40+ years. Their free financial e-letters, still in circulation have helped pioneer their success. Popular publications like the Black Debt and the Daily Reckoning have saved thousands of people avoid a bad investment and saved millions of dollars from being lost. AF has many accurate financial forecasts which contributed to them becoming an LLC in 1994 and growing their client base to over 124,000+ worldwide. In fact, their predictions have always came well before any predictions are placed in the media. Their customers use their publications to get a jump on the stock market and take advantage of upward moving trades and stocks in a complex trading sector.

Their clients are able to prosper while others are blind sighted in financial crisis like the 08′ scare. Their customers knew about the tech and housing bubble facing the U.S. before others. Their primary financial headquarters is located in Baltimore with an additional eleven other locations. You’re invited to visit the Agora Financial website for more details on transforming your financial future.

Lime Crime Newest Colors

After three years of development, Lime Crime gave life to the first 13 shades of Unicorn Hair. The goal was to have hair color that was vibrant, long-lasting and gracefully faded. This new ultra-pigmented product was an instant success. Several colors sold out within the first two weeks. The design of Unicorn Hair was focused on freedom and self-expression, which is reflected in the boldness of the colors. Perfect for creative freedom.

There are two formulas of Unicorn Hair available to fit the creative needs of exciting customers. The first formula is “Full Coverage”. It contains a higher pigment base that completely saturates the hair. The other formula is “Tint”, which is a sheer and delivers a pastel color. Both formulas are certified 100% vegan and cruelty-free from animal experimentation.

Lime Crime has recently released eight new trend-setting shades of semi-permanent Unicorn Hair. The vibrant full coverage shade names are: Bubblegum Rose – which resembles everyone’s favorite pink bubblegum; Valentine – bright crimson red; Aesthetic – mauve. The new tint colors are: Tweet – chick yellow and a great touch up for blond hair; Mint Ice – frosted mint; Cloud – periwinkle blue; Kawaii – pastel violet; Moonchild – pastel lavender.

These bright shades look as fun as they sound, and are extremely popular. Unicorn Hair is a great high-performance product for everyone from professionals to newbies, and anywhere in between. The actual hair dye is a gentle, deposit-only dye which will not damage your hair. It contains a conditioning formula of pure vegan ingredients and does not contain ammonia, peroxide, or bleach.

Lime Crime recommends using Unicorn Hair on evenly bleached hair that has been lightened to medium or pale blonde. Although Unicorn Hair won’t damage your hair, bleaching can have negative effects. Be sure to consult with a professional regarding proper bleaching techniques.

The color is designed to start strong with vibrant and saturated colors, and then gradually fade. Shades can be used individually or combined with one another to get the perfect style of each individual customer. It’s all about self-expression.


In the past, people used to suffer especially when it pertains health matters. Low income earning families and individuals who were unable to meet high medical bills have lost lives as well as family members. In the modern world, a lot has changed in relation to health sector mainly due to increased number of health facilities being constructed and distributed closer to people as well as introduction of medical or health policies or in its broader description as medical insurance.

The introduction of medical policies has resulted in reduction in the cumulative cost incurred by customers in meeting medical services.

This means that a customer or client can be served without producing deposits since the insuring company carters for the deposit until the client heals. In the United States of America, there are so many health insurance companies but the US HEALTH Group always seems to have out shined them since it’s considered as the citizen’s choice when it comes to medical industry.

US HEALTH Group has accredited and guaranteed health facilities. The company has been in operation for 50 and more years hence the experience in offering high level of services in health settings. Those covered are served in satisfactory and welcoming manner, thus the reason they are honored as America’s top group.

Those with policy cover enjoy services in terms of accident and sickness insurance, critical illness, life, dental coverage, short term accident disability income insurance among many other services. The company is swift in offering its services, as they can reach customers and serve them when need arise and at the most considerable fee with safeguarded services.

US HEALTH Group has always been marked with a lot of creativity, which has generated positive dynamism in the services offered each and every day, month and year that comes. The creativity and dynamism in services offered has enabled the company flourish in the highly competitive health sector. Read more:
The group has since its formation been dreamy of safe guarding American citizens from capital inadequacy especially when faced with illness and any sort of injuries. This has been achieved through affordable insurance covers.

Through offering reasonable services, US HEALTH Group has thus been confident of being customer’s, stakeholder’s and agents’ main preference. To achieve all the accomplishment, US HEALTH Group has worked hand in hand with many companies including PHCS, Cigna and midlands choice among the many companies.

US HEALTH Group has something special in its services as estimate of the bill is done by the customers and the insurance company does the budgeting. The outpatient services are offered at customer’s requirement at affordable fee.

The inpatient services are also offered but under critical conditions. The services offered by the US HEALTH Group are designed at ensuring customer’s comfort at any instance.

Learn more about USHealth Group:

Nuodb SQL Database Provide the Needed Solution in Scaling Software Based Industries

The current business world is in need of a SQL database that can process many transactions at a go because most business has been expanding their horizon. A slow SQL database can be very costly for any company. Nuodb is the ultimate solution to this business need.

Nuodb is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and was founded in 2008 by Jim Starkey, Barry s. Morris and the Chief executive officer is Bob Walmsley. Nuodb has an incredible 85 employees less than ten years after its inception.

The SQL database has been applauded in the technological community for being elastic. Nuodb works in the cloud through the use of distributed objects. It was designed In line with the technological rule of relational databases that was first hypothesized by Edgar F.Codd.

Nuodb SQL database has been listed in the magic quadrant as one of the most enterprising operational database management systems years after year after its release. The technology has been able to serve many MNCs such as Kodiak, Alfa Systems, Dassault Systems and UAE Exchange. Over time Nuodb SQL database has been enhanced with additional features to respond to trends in its client industry as well as to help customer extend their tentacles globally.

How Cancer Treatment Centers of America is Making Use of Clinical Pathways

NantHealth and Allscripts have recently collaborated together, joining the former healthcare organization’s eviti with the latter’s Allscripts Sunrise EHR (electronic health record). eviti helps doctors make decisions regarding diagnoses, treatments, recommendations, and prescriptions, nearly eliminating human error in dealing cancer. Allscripts Sunrise EHR keeps track of an evidence-based medical library designed specifically around the field of oncology, featuring thousands of oncologic journal articles, rulings on behalf of oncology boards, and government bureaus. It’s also maintained by some of the United States’ leading oncologists and related nurses, helping regulate the validity and helpfulness of such information.

The juxtaposition of these two healthcare programs was named Clinical Pathways, combining the vast amount of knowledge about practicing oncology with seamless clinic workflows, allowing doctors to work with fewer interruptions, not to mention more objective treatments that don’t vary wildly from patient to patient. Clinical Pathways effectively deals with more than 2,700 particular types and subsets of cancer, pieces together with NantHealth’s leading medical operating system, NantOS.

Doctors at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America are the world’s first to deal with such an effective system, tossing away potential guesswork on behalf of medical professionals. Regimens are tailored to individual patients’ health conditions, with the system offering on-screen comparison of treatments to choose from, and their benefits and disadvantages.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is based in Boca Raton, Florida, with five hospitals located across the United States: Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Tulsa, allowing cancer patients from virtually everywhere to seek the quality help they so very deserve.

Mr. Richard Stephenson founded the healthcare network after his own mother died of an incurable, untreatable form of cancer. Cancer Treatment Centers of America strives to improve treatment, just like with Clinical Pathways, each and every day. The hospital network operates under Full Standards Compliance with the Joint Commission, also hosting approval from the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers.

EOS Lip Balm Wild Enchanting Flavors

Lip balms are an essential ingredient for everyone’s lips. There are very many lip balm brands in the market. However, very few offer the quality people are looking for. Some of the ingredients used in making some of the lip balms are harmful, and they cause damage to the lips. However, EOS Lip Balm is changing the industry. This brand was introduced just recently in the oral care industry, and it is already doing well. Some of the most respected individuals in the world such as Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian are already using the brand, click to read more.

Before the EOS Lip Balm was introduced, consumers were only interested in using Chapstick, a brand that was in the market for a while. The Chapstick brand was only available to consumers in two interesting brands. The original flavor did not have any additional flavors while the other had a mint refreshing taste. Although EOS Lip care products were introduced into the market recently, they have a variety of quality flavors to choose from. Individuals who love strawberry, peach and many others.

EOS Lip balms have become very popular in the modern market because they are delightfully flavored to give the customer the best service, click here. The lip balm is also packed with soothing shea butter, jojoba oil and antioxidant-rich vitamin E. These new brands of natural lip balms are hypoallergenic, meaning that they are safe for people with different types of allergies. The lip balms are also dermatologist tested. People who have used them for a long time say that they have smooth, soft and very beautiful lips.

EOS Lip Balms are developed by professionals who have been in the beauty industry for a long time based on These individuals knew the type of flavors that will suit different clients. They are easily available and affordable to consumers.

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The Nearly Forgotten Weapon Of Mass destruction, The Trabuco

The trebuchets, also known as Trabuco was one of the great inventions of the primordial wars. Justlike daggers, bows, spears, axes, and swords, it is only recognized today as an artifactof old war fare. However, the principle of operation of the Trabuco has inspired most of the modern day weapons of war.

A powerful siege weapon
While other weapons of old time wars involved one on one combat, the Trabuco was siege weapon of mass destruction. It hurled projectiles to long distances. Its operation mimics that of a massive catapult. It could hurl stones, sand barrels and animals such as horses and cows. In some cases on, human heads and slaves of war were used as projectiles. Today’smovies involving medieval wars show it being used to catapult fireballs at enemy troops.

Construction and Operation
The working principle of the Trabuco is to pull and release. Its main parts are a huge arm mounted on a stationary base or car. A counterweight is used to pull the arm, casting projectile into the sling. The sling is normally located opposite to the counter weight on The heavier the weight, the greater the pull of the sling and the power of throw is required. It involves a practical application of the physical principles of action and reaction forces, kinetic, potential and gravitational energies.

Development of the machine
According to, the early models of the trebuchet did not have the counterweight. Humans were used to dropping the projectile into the sling. Launching a 150 pound stone to a distance of 70-80 metersrequired the combined effort of approximately 250 people. Even then, the record shows that it was still possible to hurl four projectiles per minute.

The Arabs transformed the labor into an intensive weapon by adding the counterweight. It resulted in increased distance of reach. The hybrid Trabuco could catapult projectiles weighing up to 400 pounds. During the crusades of the middle ages, the European improved it further. It could throw tons of weight with better accuracy. Nevertheless, huge man power was still necessary for its operation. Today, this groundbreaking warfare invention of the medieval time has been replaced by guns and rocket launchers.

Find more about Trabuco:

Different Fronts And Different Ideas

Many people probably haven’t heard James Bopp’s name, but he is one of the most influential attorneys in the US specializing in constitutional law. He appeared in court on behalf of Citizens United and challenged a ruling about their film on Hillary Clinton.

The ruling ultimately was about the First Amendment and its extension to corporations under the law. The court ruled that the companies can be protected under the First Amendment the same way average voters are. Bopp himself comes from a family of doctors, and his law career was not something he anticipated as a child.

Not everyone agrees with this ruling, and the money can buy anything thinking.

Turn the Tables

Political activism is now more important than ever before. People are interested in different opinions, and they want to know more. Politics also always go hand in hand with money, and voters want to change the way these funds are used. They also want to modify the way campaign financing happens and what governs them.

It clear that people need to be more aware of politics than ever before. The general public should be educated in matters of constitution and state. The understanding that money can go very far inspires people to fight back.

When finances come into play, all is not as easy as one might think.

Like End Citizens United on Facebook

End Citizens United is a PAC or a Political Action Committee. They are set to break some strong records by raising a lot of money to propel their causes further than ever before. They raised more than 4 million dollars in the period from January to March of this year. The overall prediction is that this number will climb up to about 35 million dollars before the midterm elections.

In 2016 End Citizens United was able to raise 25 million dollars. It was their first attempt since the PAC was created in 2015. They are working towards the goal of politicians and money working for the electorate and not the interests of billionaires finding them.

Political Activism on Both Sides

The PAC raised money to support Jon Ossof from the Democratic Party in this first run for office in Georgia. The donations rose to 500 000 and many people donated for the first time in their lives.

Since End Citizens United and their model falls under the Federal Law, their donations from a single donor cannot surpass 5 000 dollars. Even with this regulation cap in place, they have been able to raise more money than ever before. They have also shown that this activism will have an impact on politicians and votes in the future. For example, in the DeVos nomination, the PAC helped to create a tie vote. It resulted in VP Pence stepping in and breaking the tie.