A Better Look At An Investment Strategy For Better Retirement

Warren Buffet weighed in on a matter that has been bugging many people who want to save and invest for retirement. As a matter of fact, most Americans are worried that they will not have saved enough before they get to retirement. He advocates for low cost, simple investments that can be bought and kept for a long while as opposed to expensive funds that shortchange investors.

Warren Buffett has placed a bet of $1million because he can make better investment returns through investing in an S&P 500index fund. Though still not decided, it looks like he will collect. He advocates for bottom-up investing and building up high company’s portfolio which has proven useful over the years. However, the investment plan may not be all roses as it exposes the investor to make losses when markets face downtime.

Tim Armour claims that with an exceptional fund manager, one can be able to make a worthy retirement investment. Keeping out the high-cost funds and getting fund managers who invest a lot of money with other investors creates a select group which has outpaced the benchmark indexes on average.

Timothy Armour

Mr. Timothy D. Armour is the CEO and chairman of the Capital Group Companies. He has been the CEO since the year 2015 to present. He has experience as an equity portfolio manager. With over three decades of experience in investment, Timothy Armour is a rare gem for the capital group. He has grown from being an equity investment analyst in capital. He took charge on global telecommunications and U.S service companies.

Timothy was a student at Middlebury College. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and is currently located in Los Angeles. Tim started out as a participant in the Associate’s program. He has been a part of this company since 1983. He is a inspirational business leader.

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