A Day in the Life of a Political Advocate: Andrea McWilliams is Not Your Mainstream Businessperson

Andrea McWilliams is the type of person wherein real time television shows come about. Andrea McWilliams, in her role as political analyst and adviser, provides a highly-regarded service to her client-base. So what does she do? Andrea McWilliams listens to the needs of her client. She advises her client, in a professional manner, as to a proper political solution. She skillfully provides lobbying services, on behalf of her client, in order to create the desired change.

Andrea McWilliams is not only a political “doer,” she is a political observer. The two key components are necessary, with regard to her consultancy role. She looks at the economic and political atmosphere. She evaluates this environment. She, in turn, provides insight to her client–with respect to her analysis.

It is apparent that political cleverness is part of the make up of Andrea McWilliams. She is well-reputed, in political circles, with regard to her political acumen.

She represents the Austin community, well, too. She participates in a great deal of community-business functions, within Austin. She has received a tremendous amount of praise from her co-peers, in the forms of achievement awards. She has been recognized, for example, for her outstanding service with regard to the not-for-profit sector, within the Austin community.

Andrea is not only a “doer,” she is a “go to her” type of person. The business people, know that they can count on McWilliams to effectively lobby for them, when their businesses require certain legislative requirements. McWilliams, they know, is more than willing to “step up to the plate,” in this regard