Agora Financial Seeks Out Great Investment Opportunities

Agora Financial publishes enewsletters, monthly newsletters and trading services for ordinary investors who want to remain in control of their money, but who don’t have the time or expertise to do that by themselves.

Let’s face it, no one person can beat the markets by themselves. Some hedge fund and mutual fund managers make themselves look like stars, and maybe they are, but they all have large backend operations supporting them. They need banks of supercomputers and a team of experts.

Agora Financial spends over a million dollars a year sending research analysts around the world. They are looking for great businesses that are still overlooked by financial wizards. That means they are still cheap to buy. When the rest of the world discovers the company, their price goes up to fair value, and everybody who bought early makes a lot of money. That’s how the outstanding investors make themselves and other people wealthy, from John Templeton to Peter Lynch to Warren Buffett. They find great opportunities before the rest of Wall Street.

By the time a company is written up in Barron’s or The Wall Street Journal, it’s old news. Their share prices are too expensive.

It’s new ideas that pay off big for early investors. That’s why Agora invests so much time, effort and money into finding them. And then telling their subscribers.

Agora Financial experts include a geologist from Harvard, one of the world’s greatest experts on the bond market, a billionaire, an author who’s been on the New York Times bestseller list three times, a science journalist who’s been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, a former hedge fund manager, a film maker and a presidential level banker.

Agora Financial predicted the rise in gold back in 1999 when it was just $256 an ounce. Don’t you wish you’d bought then, before it rose to $1,900 an ounce?