Anthony Petrello Raises the Philanthropic Stakes

Anthony Petrello has been the pivotal figure behind the success of Nabors Industries. He has served in various capacities with Nabors since 1991 and they have grown steadily over the years as a result of his involvement with the company. His brilliance as a manager and business strategist has been demonstrated year after year.

Nabors holds the distinction of owning and operating the world’s largest land based drilling fleet. Offshore drilling rigs are one of their specialties and they are a major supplier in the US. Nabors works in several international markets and grows in finances and abilities every year.

Anthony Petrello marked from the start as a high achiever. He possessed a brilliant math mind during his college days in which he worked with noted math scholar Serge Lang. He also obtained two degrees in mathematics from Yale. He continued his education at Harvard, where he secured a law degree. Petrello practiced law with Baker & McKenzie for several years before moving on to Nabors.

Philanthropy is a strong interest for Anthony Petrello and he has donated millions over the years. It really hit home for him with his daughter’s diagnosis of cerebral palsy. It gave him the impetus to help develop a world-class research institution. He and his wife have donated $5 million dollars to help fund the Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital in the following: click here.

His daughter’s name is Carena and she inspires Petrello and his wife every day. She struggles each day to accomplish the little things that most people take for granted. For example, it took her eight years to master chewing food due to her condition. Her determination and purity of heart inspire the Petrellos and motivate them to find answers. They are also committed to lead fundraising efforts to improve the quality of research in children’s neurology.