The Magic Of Romance Anime

Love Is In The Air

Romance is one of the most popular genres in anime. Both males and females enjoy the best romance anime centered around the love life of the protagonist to a point that extends beyond even the popularity of romance comedies among women in the West. The romance genre is so large it covers everything from traditional boy meets girl to harem anime such as Love Hina. Often romance anime uses multiple themes which creates anime series like Chobits that combine science fiction and romance together.

The Japanese Effect

The most popular ecchi harem anime show that the dating market of Japan is a bit different than the West and that influences the way anime is produced. The market for romance titles aimed at males is much greater than what is typically seen in the west and this leads to categories such as harem anime. Exemplified and titles like Tenchi Muyo and Love Hina, these cartoons will revolve around a singular male protagonist who lives with a large number of females in a single household. The humor and storylines of the shows often revolve around the way that the male lead tries to find love for himself..



The Best Examples

There are countless examples of romance anime to look at, but the best example is probably Chobits, because not only is it romantic but it’s also one of the best comedy anime options as well. Focusing on the tale of a young man who finds a female robot companion, Chobits has everything romance anime is about. The awkward hapless male, the hilarious antics of his love interest, and happy ending for everyone.




Martin Lustgarten- Expert in the Investment Banking Industry

Whether you would like to get into the investment industry to find information or to invest in the field, it is always critical to engage the services of experts. The best person to consult when looking for an expert in the investment banking field is Martin Lustgarten. Research shows that working with professionals in the investment industry helps you reach your goals much faster. With a trusted advisor such as Martin Lustgarten, you are sure to get the required attention to succeed in your investment banking business.

Investment banks perform many functions. They deal with brokerage services, financial advisory, and mergers and acquisitions. These institutions play a big role in the investment fields. Many private corporations, businesses, and even governments consult these services for investment banking options. These banks render professional services that help clients with the know-hows on how to conduct various business operations.

Martin Lustgarten is an expert in investment banking. He has been in the industry for some time and has gained adequate experience about equity trades and security exchange. He has built his name and is known as one of the best investment bankers in the entire America region. Due to his companies, Martin has become one of the most sought after investment bankers. Through his firm, he has set a success record and a solid reputation with his current clientele. He continues to attract more clients in the investment banking industry.

What has separated Martin from other competitors in the field is his ability to communicate well with customers. He has always passed accurate and reliable information to customers. Additionally, he deals with all of his employs in a personal and direct way. The result is that he has improved his productivity and business success. Martin Lustgarten has made a great impact in the investment banking industry. Martin Lustgarten is also the CEO and founder of Lustgarten Martin Investment Banking Company. He has personally trained his members and associates in the investment banking field. Most of his members consider him the brightest minds in investment banking. His investment firm continues to deliver outstanding services to clients and achieve excellent results.


The Midas Legacy: As Real As They Come

One of the many things that people love about the Midas Legacy, a research services company that focuses on wealth management advisory, is the fact that they care. A lot of companies say they care, but when push comes to shove, it is just lip service, and they really don’t care. They are sort of like con men and con women. Once they have the client signed up and their name on the dotted line, they feel like they have hooked them in and their work is done. They don’t have to live up to any of the promises they have made. It is simply a business to them.

When it comes to The Midas Legacy, yes it is a business, but there is so much more to it than that. They care and they show it, each and every time they meet with a customer or talk to them. There are not too many companies out there that care about the personal well being of a customer, their health, and their level of happiness. They only see them as just another person. That is all they are to them, nothing more, nothing less. That is a rather ruthless way to look at a person with feelings and emotions.

Thankfully, The Midas Legacy is a patient company. They are grateful for their clients, each and every single one, and they like to show that to them by how they treat them. They might randomly call them up and just see how they are doing and what is on their mind. They can also be looked at as a friend in many ways. They will caution them against unwise business decisions and will gently guide them in the right direction. They know their clients on a first-name basis, and they don’t need to look it up. When they look someone in the eyes and talk to them, they mean it.

Trust is a word that stands for a lot and means a lot, especially in this area. If someone feels like they can’t trust the company or the company is not telling them the truth, it can be nearly impossible to regain that trust. Once the Midas Legacy earns that trust, they keep earning it and they keep it forever. They get results for each and every client. They do that by truly taking the time, effort, and dedication to understand them, care about them, and be there for them. They are as real as they come when it comes to this sort of thing.

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Gettig To know About Dr. Jennifer Walden; a Leading plastic Surgeon.

Dr. Jennifer Walden grew up in Austin, Texas, where she also took her education. She graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Biology, which she then followed up with a Medical Degree at the University of Texas. She finished top of her class which secured her a fellowship to practice in the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. After finishing her fellowship, she later moved to the City of New York which is where she specialized in plastic surgery and more specifically cosmetic surgery.

Her passion for her work made her take part in a research on the impact of using silicone for breast implants. Dr. Jennifer Walden often says that seeing a happy smile on her patients’ faces gives her more satisfaction than even the salary she earns. Her motivation to take part is cosmetic surgery was partly a mission where she wanted to improve the quality of life of women that were not confident about their looks by giving them the best face lift that she could.

Dr. Walden admits that working as a woman in a male dominated field has its own challenges. She is however welcoming to the challenges which motivate her to work hard. Her efforts have often been recognized as in 2015, she was voted to be among the top plastic surgeons in the United States.

In 2010, Dr. Walden got twin baby boys which prompted her to relocate her services from New York to Texas. She therefore put up a satellite cosmetic surgery center in Austin as she did not expect to have many clients as compared to New York. She was surprised to get booked for several procedures even before she had completely settled down in Texas.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been involved in the authoring of the book Aesthetic Plastic Surgery which gives an overview of what plastic surgery involves in terms of the cost of getting a plastic surgery, the risks involved, and a detailed procedure of how cosmetic plastic surgery is done. Dr. Walden has also been involved in publishing of several journal both solely and in conjunction with other plastic surgeons.


Josh Verne’s Views On Succeeding In Life And Entrepreneurship

To succeed in life and business, people need advice from experts that have extensive experience in both aspects. One of the person that is well positioned to offer such advice is Josh Verne. He has more than two decades of experience as an entrepreneur. Verne has established, grown, and sold several businesses. Presently, he is the chief executive officer of

Verne highlights five important things that an individual has to do to succeed in life and business. The first point is that an individual should be a leader and not a boss. This is because by being a leader, one earns respect by prioritizing the needs of his or her followers. Leaders use such respect to attain the goals that they have set together with their teams. A boss does the contrary. He forces his will on the people.

Verne notes that everything has to result in a win-win situation. To this end, individuals should avoid agreeing to win-lose deals. Clients, workers, and the society should aspire to win. He also suggests that people should listen more and speak less. Fewer words have more power. They give an individual authority that makes people want to listen to him or her whenever he or she has something to say.

The other critical point that Verne suggests is that people should have a balance in their lives. People should learn to get maximum benefits from each activity in their life. This is because if an individual is making a lot of money and neglects his family, the latter will suffer. Verne assets that balancing is about making progress in the various aspects of a person’s life. Additionally, Verne notes that people have to recognize where their passion lies, as they will devote more time and energy in undertaking such activities.

About Josh Verne

Josh Verne has exhibited transformative leadership at For over 20 years, Verne has created multiple successful ventures and sold some of them. He is highly respected in the business cycles because of his accomplishments. Verne serves as the chief executive officer of He co-founded this company with Paul Dumas and Jon Dorfman. provides clients with zero-percent financing via payments. These payments can be made as installments through payroll deductions or directly from a client’s bank account. Because of its successes, the company has continued to receive a growing number of customers across the United States.

Tricks For Everyday Items

If you have a ballpoint pen, you might notice a small hole on the side of the pen. It’s called a vent hole. When you’re writing, you create a vacuum inside the pen. The hole allows air to escape so that you can easily write letters and numbers on the paper without the pen getting stuck to the paper. If there isn’t a hole, you might notice that there is a lack of ink while writing.


According to Wengie, Look at the end of your toothpaste tube to see a small colored block. It could be red, green or blue. These indicate the ingredients that are in the toothpaste. Green is all natural, red features mostly chemicals and blue is natural plus medicine. When you look at your Apple earphones, you will likely see small holes. These allow air through the speakers of the earphones. It allows the diaphragm of the speaker to move more freely, giving a better sound.


There’s a small tab underneath the rear view mirror. This tab acts like sunglasses while you’re driving at night to block out the headlights of the car behind you, especially if the car has the high beams on and is blinding you while you’re driving. Look at the gaps in your tires to see how much tread you have left. Place a penny in the tread, and if you can see most of the penny, then it’s time to look for new tires as there is very little tread left. This could cause the tire to blow out while driving or make it easier to slide on the road.

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The Kabbalah Centre’s Inclusive Approach To Sharing Wisdom

Kabbalah is an ancient practice that focuses on gaining wisdom and working to receive fulfillment in life. Kabbalahists develop the ability to maintain a longlasting connection to the energy of fulfillment by gaining knowledge and understanding of how the universe and life work. Those who study Kabbalah seek a deeper meaning to life and seek to overcome the chaos and strife that life’s circumstances can cause people to feel. They study to understand life’s existential mysteries like who we are and what our purpose is. Study of the Zohar – a five thousand year old set of spiritual principles that form the basis of Kabbalism – is the key to practicing and understanding this faith. The path to experiencing the universe and all that life has to offer as the Creator intended is laid out in the Zohar’s teachings.


The Kabbalah Centre International is an organization based in Los Angeles that offers courses on the Zohar, Kabbalistic teachings and guidance to people all over the world who want to study the Zohar’s teachings and the path to deeper understanding of the universe. Founded in 1965 the Kabbalah Centre is now a nonprofit organization with over 50 locations, several in major cities including LA, New York, and London. It strives to spread the values of peace and reflecting on the good in life that understanding of Kabbalah can bring by taking a global and inclusive approach to teaching about the faith.


Despite Kabbalah’s connection to the Jewish faith the Kabbalah Centre offers its teachings to students who have no prior knowledge of Hebrew or Jewish texts. A multiethnic, international staff of teachers encourages the global community of students the the centre enjoys. Students can also come from many different faiths because the Kabbalah Centre’s philosophy is that kabbalah’s teachings are not religion specific or exclusive, it’s teachings instead help to reinforce and affirm the spiritual beliefs of other religions.

Helane Morrison is a Principled Compliance Officer

Helane Morrison, a legal professional who has been in charge of enforcement program for the SEC’s District Office based in San Francisco, has expressed her interests of continuing to spearhead the Office’s aggressive program in the position of Office Administrator. The SEC promoted Morrison to the position of District’s Chief, making her the first woman to serve in the position of District’s Chief. She has gained experience and unequaled professional expertise by working with other professionals on the enforcement side to expand the relevance and impact of the office in the whole of San Francisco. Morrison’s role as the District’s Chief was to maintain the flow of office momentum.


Morrison oversaw both the examination and enforcement staffs within the jurisdiction of San Francisco office that comprises of Northern California, Alaska, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and Montana. She succeeded David Bayless, who served as the Administrator of San Francisco office for a span of five years. During her tenure as an employee of SEC, Morrison oversaw a couple of major investigations, comprising of three that led to enforcement actions against New York’s Republic Securities (Dean Witter) and California Micro Devices’ auditors.


According to Morrison, the San Francisco District Office’s employees increased from 30 to 60 within five years due to the amplified workloads for both examination and enforcement officers. The examination staff specializes in studying books and documents of registered organizations, including brokerage firms, investment advisors, and mutual funds, and can handle less challenging problems. They can also refer complex cases to qualified enforcement officers.


Who is Helane Morrison?


Helane Morrison has managed to establish herself as an authority in the compliance world. She has maintained integrity and accountability during her times as a journalist, an employee of the government, and a managing director of Hall Capital Partners. Morrison started out as a law clerk for the United States Court of Appeals (19b4-1985) and Supreme Court (1985-1986). She joined a San Francisco-based law company in 1986, worked her way up to becoming a Partner in 1991, and relinquished his position in 1996. Her practice handled business litigation and defended private securities activities and SEC matters.


Morrison was the Regional Director of the San Francisco-based SEC’s office from 1999 to 2007. She handled regulatory matters, litigation, and securities enforcement. Between 1996 and 1999, she specialized in representing SEC in financial communities, news media, legal business, and government agencies. As a talented speaker, Morrison handles topics such as compliance matters and legal issues that affect private funds and investment advisers.

Greyhound Diaries: Driving Through Inspiration

49 million Americans live in poverty. This is a statistic that may not mean much to the person who reads it, but author Doug Levitt puts a face to this number with his revealing look at the forgotten stories of America. “The Greyhound Diaries” is a collection of stories and songs written by Levitt after a 7 year, 70,000 mile journey through his inspiration.

The novelty of Levitt’s work is that these stories reflect the reality that poverty stricken Americans are interesting, adept, and eager to be revealed as such. Our society is shaped to punish those born into the cycle of poverty and keep them treading the waters of inevitable loss.

Doug Levitt is a singer and songwriter who worked in the Middle East and Africa as a correspondent for ABC, NBC, and MSNBC. His folk style voice and bleeding heart give a portrait of a broken segment of America on which we are building our future.

Raised in Washington D.C. and perhaps bathed in the political dichotomy of that city, Levitt graduated from Cornell University and began a successful career as an international correspondent before pursuing his music. However, Levitt is a quintessential artist, capturing sound, image, and text from his travels on a Greyhound Bus, talking to the people who make the frame of American society; even if they are overshadowed by the moguls who exploit them.

The Greyhound Diaries allow us to get on the platform of those struggling to get by and help the reader or listener bridge the gaps in their own broken stories. Doug Levitt is truly gifted in his storytelling and his work will rival those of the most famous to proceed him.

Lessons That People Can Learn from Adam Milstein’s Philanthropic Philosophy

Adam Milstein is one of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation founders. He provides philanthropic and charitable services to several organizations meant to strengthen the relationship between the U.S, the State of Israel and the Jewish people. His services include fundraising, partnership development, and consultation. His organization supports Pro-Israel advocacy, Jewish continuity and Jewish education.

Early Life, Academic, and Professional Background

Adam Milstein is the son of Hillel and Eva Milstein. He was born in Haifa, Israel and later moved to Mexico at the age of 18 in 1949. He joined the IDF during the Yom Kippur War. Adam attended the Technion (Israeli Institute of Technology) and graduated in 1978. During his stay in the U.S, Adam enrolled for an MBA and graduated from the USC. He later began a commercial real estate career in Southern California. Adam is currently a Managing Partner of a private commercial real estate firm known as Hager Pacific Properties and resides in Encino, California with his wife, children, and grandchildren.

Adam Milstein is a co-founder of the renowned Israeli-American Council and chairs its national expansion committee. He is also a board member of organizations such as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) National Council, Stand By Me, Birthright Israel, Jewish Funders Network, Hasbara Fellowships, Israel on Campus Coalition and StandWithUs. Adam and his wife, Gila, co-founded Sifriyat Pijama B’America. This organization distributes free books written in the Hebrew language that teach Jewish values to over 15,000 Israeli-Jewish-American families based in the US.

Adam Milstein’s philanthropic philosophy

1. Philanthropic Synergy

Adam provides guidance and funding to help philanthropic organizations in developing programmatic synergies and partnerships with other nonprofit oriented institutions.

2. Life Path Impact

Adam Milstein targets organizations that actively emancipate their audiences on life skills. He believes that programs created for childhood, adolescence and adulthood can help maintain a continuous and deep connection with a target population.

3. Active Philanthropy

Adam, the Milstein Family Foundation and its personnel invest quality expertise and time in all projects, programs and organizations that they support. Their investment goes beyond money and focuses on helping the targeted people in discovering their potential and setting rational life goals.