Cassio Audi In Heavy Metal

Formation of the Viper Band
When growing up, Cassio Audi had the desire to be famous. He was confident in his musical talent and was sure it would help in achieving his dream, if well exploited. In order to achieve this, Cassio joined a group of teenage friends, who played music and formed a band. This band was known as the Viper band. It was the first heavy metal band that dominated Brazil for four decades of success.

Cassio’s Inspiration
In the Viper band, Cassio played a significant role as the drummer, songwriter, and a leader. He was responsible for maintaining the unity of the four band members namely; Felipe, Cassio, Yves, and Pit until 1989. When composing the music, the band was highly influenced by the British bands of the 80s and the Iron Maiden.

The Albums
Through the Viper band, Cassio Audi won numerous awards, made top songs, and rose to the international status. His influence is remembered due to his first demo recordings on ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’. This was a classic time for the band, that was made of teenagers.Other albums that Cassio helped compose are the ‘Killer Sword’ in 1985, and the ‘Theater of Fate’. The combination of several genres like the thrash metal, heavy metal, alternative rock, and power metal, made the Viper band performances outstanding. As a result, they were invited to several shows.

End of Music Career
Cassio believes he has to exploit any talent, he feels he has. This propelled him pursue a degree and a master’s degree in Business Administration, that laid a foundation for his venture into the business sector. Despite the change of career, Cassio continues to incorporate the music skills, in his current career as a project and strategic planner. Further, having served as a leader in the band helps him exercise the open leadership style, which has made him a successful corporate leader.

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