The Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies


The best Arnold Schwarzenegger movies start and end with The Terminator.


That’s because Arnold had his best and most well known role in the 1984 James Cameron film. Schwarzenegger, a real life pro body builder, is sent back in time to kill Sarah Connor as The Terminator in the action flick. It spawned several sequels including several recent editions. Schwarzenegger is well known for his line, “I’ll be back” in the hit movie.


Other greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger movies of all time include Predator, Total Recall, True Lies and Commando. Schwarzenegger also tried his hand at comedy in Kindergarten Cop and Twins.


Predator was one of the greatest movies Schwarzenegger appeared in because of the action sequences and intensity. The 1987 science fiction flick pitted Arnold as the leader of an elite services troop trying to corral invisible aliens.


Total Recall was another big box office smash which utilized Schwarzenegger as a construction worker who eventually figures out his life isn’t what it seems to be. In fact, he’s a secret agent who needs to complete his out of this world mission.  Something that definitely should be adapted into a sci fi anime.


True Lies was a bit of a risk for Arnold with the mix of comedy and action in 1994. Schwarzenegger plays Harry Tasker who somehow managers to keep his family life in order despite being a secret spy.


Arnold also appeared in The Expendables among several other mega heroes of the 80’s and 90’s era.