Preserving The Sanctity Of Marriage With Patty Rocklage

Patty Rocklage is really good as a marriage counselor. People who seek her for advice will most likely be presented with solutions to certain problems. They will also learn to be proactive about potential issues that could tear the marriage apart. There are a lot of potential issues that could lead to infidelity if one is not careful. Even the most loyal partner can be vulnerable to a lapse in judgment when it comes to marriage. This is one of the reasons that marriage counseling is very important. It helps with communication and allows a safe and secure environment to handle any feelings that could bring forth problems within the marriage.


Patty Rocklage herself is married to Scott Rocklage. They have had a long marriage which shows that they have managed to work through all of their problems. Patty is able to take her experience and wisdom that she has gained throughout the marriage and put them to work as she meets and counsels other couples. She is able to listen to the couples as they share their concerns with her. After listening carefully, she is then able to help them come to a resolution that will make their marriage a lot stronger.


While Patty and Scott have resolved every major issue that could’ve destroyed their marriage and prevented other issues, Patty understands that what works for them may not work for other couples. This is one of the reasons that she listens to her clients. Once they have put everything out on the table, she then gives them options on how they can deal with the issues. She also offers suggestions on what they can do in order to improve on their relationships. After all, just because there is no current issue in the relationship does not mean that it can’t improve. There are certain activities that one can do in order to make marriages even stronger.




Celebrating the Inseparable Union between Technology and Fashion

The world is gradually appreciating the need to assemble all manner of musical instruments in celebration of the growing inseparable union between technology and fashion. Initiating only a handful of people took note of this union. Some of them have amass great wealth with that simple understanding. A good example of such peculiar individuals is Chris Burch.


To say Mr Burch is smart will be an understatement. He is simple a born entrepreneur. Here is a man that started experiencing business success in his teens while in college. He became a millionaire entrepreneur before leaving college. His millions were not through inheritance, they were the reward for his unusual entrepreneurial prowess.


Whatever Mr Burch venture into, the industry notwithstanding, he turns out a monumental success. In fashion, he excelled; in technology, he stood out; in real estate, he set the pace. The company he currently manages, Burch Creative Capital, remain a wonder to many as it command an intimidating brand of portfolio.


The union between technology and fashion is an evolving one, always improving by the day. For instance, music lovers in the 70s moved from one place to another with their boom boxes conveying great tunes and stations. The music world has to wait some two decades after to witness the invention of the Walkman, more fashionable and sophisticated to the boom box. The personal music experience the new invention provided endeared it immeasurably. Before the turn of the century, something better than the Walkman surfaced, the iPod. This trend of something better replacing the previous has never stop, which is something worth celebrating.


Almost any fashion conscious person today knows the immeasurable good technology is adding to the world of fashion. In fact, some people have gone to the extend of saying that there can be no higher standard of innovation and functionality in fashion without the inputs of technology. Anouk Wipprecht, a renowned Dutch fashion designer, could not agree less when she made this statement:”technology is like a playground, a place of experiment, and as you dive deeper and deeper into the technology and systems, it rewards you with endless possibilities.”


Fashion keeps widening its scope in recent times with the help of technology. Much emphasis is now placed on protecting users of fashion products. The case of airbag for cyclists readily comes to mind. Although this new product can be likened to a helmet in many ways,yet it provides a superior visibility of the surroundings when worn and closed.


It looks strange but it is real; fashion and technology can now be combined to produce kinetic energy. To achieve this feat, experts exploited the fact that movement can be converted to electrical energy. We now have cloths designed in ways that capture kinetic energy to power mp3, watch and other appliances.


The list of unbelievable feats achieved so far by reason of the union of technology and fashion seems inexhaustible and many more are on the way. Definitely, the world is better for this union, and it is something to be celebrated.


Trump Greets Dubai Developer Hussain Sajwani on New Year’s

At Donald Trump’s massive 2017 New Year’s Eve party, one VIP guest was specifically introduced during his opening speech, his business associate and fellow real estate developer Hussain Sajwani. Trump gave the Dubai mogul, who got his start catering meals for American military personnel during the Iraq War, and his family a brief shout out, calling them “the most beautiful people.”


Trump and Hussain Sajwani partnered up on Dubai’s Akoya golf course. According to Sajwani, his interest in working with Trump was strictly business, adding that he stays out of politics and thinks that the Trump Organization is the authority on golf courses. A second Trump International golf course in Dubai is in the works, also a joint venture between Trump International and DAMAC, Hussain Sajwani’s company. The new course will feature Bugatti-branded villas, with each apartment will including a space near the living room for owners to showcase their Bugatti. Hussain Sajwani is reportedly interested in continuing his business relationship with Trump, although Trump has declined the offer.


Sajwani’s company, DAMAC Properties, was the first Middle Eastern corporation listed on the London Stock Exchange, raising $500 million in global depository receipts. Since Hussain Sajwani founded the company in 2002, DAMAC Properties wa has become one of the most important developers in Dubai, with countless high-profile commercial, leisure, residential projects all over the Gulf region and the world. Over the last fifteen years, the firm has cemented its reputation in Dubai and expanded throughout the Middle East into North Africa, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.


It remains to be seen whether Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC will continue launch additional projects with the Trump Organization and Trump International now that Trump is president. One thing is for certain, though, DAMAC will continue to be the United Arab Emirate’s leading real estate development firm under Sajwani’s leadership.







Hussain Sajwani, the Man Behind DAMAC Group

DAMAC Group is one of the largest business groups of Dubai. The group is also operating in twenty other countries. Hussain Sajwani is the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, and Founder of DAMAC Group. With three decades of experience, Sajwani has become an entrepreneur of international fame. He knows everything related to the development of property business which includes marketing, sales, legal issues, finance, and administration. The success of DAMAC Group is based on these factors. Currently, the group is working huge projects in big cities like Dubai, London, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Amman, Beirut, Jeddah, and Riyadh. When it comes to global equity and capital markets, Hussain Sajwani is considered a successful businessman and investor. He enjoys a good portfolio in many regional and international markets.

Due to his successful career, Sajwani is a member of Board of Directors of various organization. They include Majan University College in Muscat, JUNO Online in New York, Emirates Takaful Company in Abu Dhabi, and Al Ahlia Insurance in Bahrain. Sajwani is regarded as the pioneer of the expansion of Dubai’s property market. In the 1990s, a great number of people were coming to UAE for business and trade. He realized there was a shortage of hotels to accommodate them. Therefore, he built various hotels for this purpose. After realizing the opportunity, he founded the DAMAC Properties in 2002. Today, the largest property development company in the Middle East is DAMAC Group. Over two thousand people work in the company, and it is a successful name on Dubai Stock Market.

American President Donald Trump and Husain Sajwani are business partners. Trump Organization and DAMAC Group are working on various deals. Their major project includes Trump International Golf Club. The luxury villas at the club were quickly sold raising a revenue of two billion dollars. According to Sajwani, Trump’s presidency is not going to affect their terms as Trump’s children are deeply involved. At Mar-a-Lago, Sajwani and Trump celebrated New Year’s Eve together. Sajwani is also a philanthropist. He donates a huge amount of money for providing clothing to underprivileged children in the world. More than fifty thousand children benefitted from Sajwani’s donations.