Andrew Rolfe’s Contributions To Ubuntu Fund’s Accomplishments

Andrew Rolfe is the current Chairman of Ubuntu Fund, a charity organization that is devoted to helping the disadvantaged children in Africa. His admirable resume ascertains that he is the ideal person to lead the organization. He pursued a degree in Business Economics and Administration at Harvard and went back there in 1992 to further his studies. The exceptional businessman also holds another Master’s degree from St. Edmund Hall in Oxford. For his undergraduate studies, Andrew went to the University of Oxford and graduated in 1988.

After school, Andrew worked for several companies before he was called to join The Gap, a leading international retailer dealing with clothing, accessories, and care products. He was one of the company’s senior executives and was responsible for leading the brand into a global powerhouse. Andrew also helped the Banana Republic, one of Gap’s brand names, penetrate numerous countries like Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore. He later went for TowerBook Capital Partners. At TowerBook, Andrew focused on retail, food services acquisition, and management of TowerBook’s investment ventures around Europe and the United States.

After TowerBook, Andrew joined Ubuntu and has been its Chairman since then. He has been using his proven leadership skills to ensure Ubuntu achieves its mission and expands to more countries in Africa.

About Ubuntu Fund

The charity organization was founded by Jacob Lief and Malizole in 1999. Like any other organization, Ubuntu started small and only focused on educational tools availability. Years later, the founders decided to include other aspects such as HIV/AIDS, provision of quality healthcare, home stability, and nutrition programs. So far, Ubuntu has served more than 400,000 needy people and has helped to significantly reduce the rate of HIV transmission in South Africa. According to Andrew, almost 100 % of the HIV-positive mothers under Ubuntu give birth to babies who do not test positive. This is a great achievement in a country where HIV has become almost uncontrollable.

The charity organization also tries to address the education crisis in Africa. Through donations, Ubuntu was able to establish the Port Elizabeth Campus. The school has been a blessing to the poor children and 90% its students are accepted into major universities. Ubuntu continues to make Africa a better place under the leadership of Andrew Rolfe.