Rona Borre Lights Up The Staffing Scoreboard

Rona Borre is the CEO and founder of Instant Alliance, one of the fastest-growing staffing companies in the United States. In 2001 she started the company in a spare bedroom of her Chicago condo and today the company bills out millions of dollars annually. Learn more  here on


Borre is located right in the heart of the Chicago financial district and she is in great demand as a speaker at local civic clubs and business meetings. She is involved with several business organizations in leadership roles with such organizations as the Economic Club of Chicago, the Young Presidents’ Organization, and


Borre and her group screen candidates very closely so as to match the needs of their clients with the exact candidate needed by using intensive interviewing of the hiring executives. Borre says that a candidate must survive the corportate culture if he or she is to flourish and be productive. Hit this page.


Borre specializes in the hiring of professionals in the financial and technology sectors, as that is that companies want whent the are in a growt stage and need to reach the next level. And what company is not in a growth stage these days, asks Borre? If Borre can get the right answers to the questions she needs, she will move mountains to find the right candidate.


Borre’s results are remarkable with a three to one interview to hire ratio, and only a one percent attrition mark over the past fifteen years. These figures are very rare in this competitive staffing industry.


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