Lime Crime Newest Colors

After three years of development, Lime Crime gave life to the first 13 shades of Unicorn Hair. The goal was to have hair color that was vibrant, long-lasting and gracefully faded. This new ultra-pigmented product was an instant success. Several colors sold out within the first two weeks. The design of Unicorn Hair was focused on freedom and self-expression, which is reflected in the boldness of the colors. Perfect for creative freedom.

There are two formulas of Unicorn Hair available to fit the creative needs of exciting customers. The first formula is “Full Coverage”. It contains a higher pigment base that completely saturates the hair. The other formula is “Tint”, which is a sheer and delivers a pastel color. Both formulas are certified 100% vegan and cruelty-free from animal experimentation.

Lime Crime has recently released eight new trend-setting shades of semi-permanent Unicorn Hair. The vibrant full coverage shade names are: Bubblegum Rose – which resembles everyone’s favorite pink bubblegum; Valentine – bright crimson red; Aesthetic – mauve. The new tint colors are: Tweet – chick yellow and a great touch up for blond hair; Mint Ice – frosted mint; Cloud – periwinkle blue; Kawaii – pastel violet; Moonchild – pastel lavender.

These bright shades look as fun as they sound, and are extremely popular. Unicorn Hair is a great high-performance product for everyone from professionals to newbies, and anywhere in between. The actual hair dye is a gentle, deposit-only dye which will not damage your hair. It contains a conditioning formula of pure vegan ingredients and does not contain ammonia, peroxide, or bleach.

Lime Crime recommends using Unicorn Hair on evenly bleached hair that has been lightened to medium or pale blonde. Although Unicorn Hair won’t damage your hair, bleaching can have negative effects. Be sure to consult with a professional regarding proper bleaching techniques.

The color is designed to start strong with vibrant and saturated colors, and then gradually fade. Shades can be used individually or combined with one another to get the perfect style of each individual customer. It’s all about self-expression.