Lime Crime’s Spectacular Appeal


For a long time the cosmetics world seemed focused on bringing out a vast spectrum of nude, neutral and beige hues in the makeup they offered. While there’s no denying the value of a good neutral, the focus on these beige-y shade of makeup ignores the fact that bold color can be a very exciting way to go in makeup.



Enter Lime Crime Cosmetics.


Lime Crime is an online-based makeup company that launched back in 2007-2008. It was started by a Russian emigre named Doe Deere who had some innovative ideas about makeup and a real understanding of how the Internet could be used as an advertising tool. Deere understands color and embraces it as a way to help women highlight their beauty. This brand has a bit of a rock and roll vibe to it, and it appeals to users who love to get bold and creative and very colorful with their looks.


Lipsticks That Rock


One of the top selling items from this brand is the Velvetines Lip Color line. This lip color is the first ever lipstick to go on liquid and then set with a matte finish. Deere came up with Velvetines by working in a lab with a dedicated chemist. After much trial and error they came up with a long-lasting lip color that looks beautiful and resists crumbling. This lip color is also certified Vegan and cruelty-free, which Deere is rightly proud of.


The colors from this line of lipsticks are absolutely eye-popping and truly gorgeous. These lip colors go on bold, and show off a woman’s mouth the way it’s meant to be shown, whether the color is a vivid red, a sassy purple, or a dark as night black. Yes, this line has lip colors that cover the spectrum, and they all wear beautifully.


It’s this kind of color innovation combined with high quality that has made this brand a real revolutionary. Don’t believe it? Try out some of the colors in the Velvetines or Unicorn lipstick line today.  They’re all available on and also on