We Listen to you at White Shark Media

We have had many clients throughout the years reach out to us concerning compliments and complaints. We want our current and potential clients to know that we do, in fact, take every complaint that reaches us very seriously. Below you will be able to read about the typical complaints that we have received and the ways we are going about resolving them to your satisfaction.


Some customers have complained in the past that they lost touch with their specific AdWords campaigns. We saw that the reporting procedures set up were not enough to let every small business owner easily review the reports we offered and to allow them to see what was happening with their AdWords. Today, we ensure that each and every client of ours is told the ins and outs for every new campaign they begin. That way, they will know where they should go to see how a certain keyword or ad is doing.


Clients of ours have also stated that they didn’t feel communication with us was up to standards. Since this is one of our more important tasks as a consultancy agency, we want to make sure that every client is able to get ahold of their first contact person, not just their receptionist. To fix this issue we implemented the following: monthly scheduled status calls made with GoToMeeting and phone systems that had direct extensions to the contact person of the client. With these two improvements, communication issues have begun to improve dramatically.