Josh Verne’s Views On Succeeding In Life And Entrepreneurship

To succeed in life and business, people need advice from experts that have extensive experience in both aspects. One of the person that is well positioned to offer such advice is Josh Verne. He has more than two decades of experience as an entrepreneur. Verne has established, grown, and sold several businesses. Presently, he is the chief executive officer of

Verne highlights five important things that an individual has to do to succeed in life and business. The first point is that an individual should be a leader and not a boss. This is because by being a leader, one earns respect by prioritizing the needs of his or her followers. Leaders use such respect to attain the goals that they have set together with their teams. A boss does the contrary. He forces his will on the people.

Verne notes that everything has to result in a win-win situation. To this end, individuals should avoid agreeing to win-lose deals. Clients, workers, and the society should aspire to win. He also suggests that people should listen more and speak less. Fewer words have more power. They give an individual authority that makes people want to listen to him or her whenever he or she has something to say.

The other critical point that Verne suggests is that people should have a balance in their lives. People should learn to get maximum benefits from each activity in their life. This is because if an individual is making a lot of money and neglects his family, the latter will suffer. Verne assets that balancing is about making progress in the various aspects of a person’s life. Additionally, Verne notes that people have to recognize where their passion lies, as they will devote more time and energy in undertaking such activities.

About Josh Verne

Josh Verne has exhibited transformative leadership at For over 20 years, Verne has created multiple successful ventures and sold some of them. He is highly respected in the business cycles because of his accomplishments. Verne serves as the chief executive officer of He co-founded this company with Paul Dumas and Jon Dorfman. provides clients with zero-percent financing via payments. These payments can be made as installments through payroll deductions or directly from a client’s bank account. Because of its successes, the company has continued to receive a growing number of customers across the United States.