EOS Offers Fun Lip Balm Flavors

EOS is now one of the top lip balm brands in the U.S.! Considering the company is only seven years old, they have plenty to be happy about with this feat. The brand is the number two balm on the market today, beating one-time top contender Chapstick. The love of EOS is real, and they’ll only continue to thrive in today’s world of beauty-minded, health-conscience women.

Fruit-flavored orbs of EOS lip balm keep the lips moisturized and chap-free. Made with all-natural ingredients, the lip balms work wonderfully at preventing dryness, wind burnt lips, chapped lips, and more. With several flavors available, there’s an EOS lip balm to suit the liking of all women.

What’s Your EOS Flavor?

EOS has a few flavor choices available, and each has the perfect combination of fruity-fun and lip-soothing ingredients to make your lips smile. Try each flavor at least once, unless, like many EOS users, you find one flavor that rocks your world and begs you to come back for more. At a price less than $4 per tube (in most locations,) the Evolution of Smooth lip balm is affordable enough to purchase one each of the eight awesome flavors, without hurting their wallet.  Walmart.ca has additional information, so better check the site.

Eight EOS Lip Balm Flavors

Summer Fruit is one popular EOS lip balm flavor. When you coat this balm across your lips, the sweet taste of your favorite summer fruits come alive, as your lips are instantly moisturized and left amazing. You can grab an orb of Summer Fruit during the summer for added fun, or any other time of the year.  More info here.

Other popular lip balm flavors include:

– Blueberry Acai

– Passion Fruit

– Vanilla Bean

– Pomegranate Raspberry

– Strawberry Sorbet

Try them all on for size, and find your EOS flavor! Better check them on ebay.com.

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