Jeffry Schneider Is Making A Real Difference In The World

Jeffry Schneider has always been a giver, and now as the CEO and founder of the billion dollar boutique investment firm, Ascendant Capital LLC., he feels like he can really make a difference in the world. One of the charities he supports that is near and dear to his heart is Wonders and Worries. This charity, which is based in his hometown of Austin, Texas, helps children who have parents who are suffering through an illness. The organization ensures that kids and teens can continue to focus and be successful in school as well as enjoy activities in their daily lives while their parent is not able to do as much as they once were. Counseling, support, and education about the parent’s illness is all made available to the children.


Jeffry Schneider also supports the charitable cause “Gods Love We Deliver,” which is a group that provides individually tailored, healthy meals to individuals who are too sick to cook or shop for themselves. By cooking up over 6,200 meals on a daily basis the organization literally has no waiting list and serves everyone who is in need. Among the team of cooks at Gods Love We Deliver are dietitians who help keep in mind the needs of each individual person that is being served. The donations of Jeffry and others have helped the services of the organization to be offered, free of charge.


At his own company, Ascendant Capital, Jeffry gives to his employees by ensuring that they all have access to healthy meals. He also researches nutrition in his spare time and shares what he finds with the team. Ascendant is very popular for being a company with a culture of trust, care, and trasparency, and it is Jeffry Schneider who has carefully constructed the framework that has led to its success. He believes that people are happiest when they are the best version of themselves, and he pushes himself and encourages others to always aim for the sky.


Jeffry Schneider earned his Bachelor’s degree in science at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and is a firm supporter of education.