Tidal is set to Reclaim its Title Thanks to Desiree Perez

Streaming services have gained traction to become the go-to entertainment platforms. Tidal is an entertainment service co-owned by musicians providing subscription based high fidelity music, live performances, events, and tickets through an online streaming platform and mobile app.

Desiree Perez, the Roc Nation executive, tasked with reviving Tidal, is taking no hostages in the battle to reclaim its rightful title. Tidal has faced a few challenges on its way to the current success, notably an exodus of its top management. Jay-Z, co-owner and founder of the firm, refused to stand and watch it fall through the cracks.

Desiree has her eyes set on increasing membership and creating a sustainable brand strategy to take Tidal into the future. She has considerable marketing experience and brings in a rich history of negotiating lucrative contracts for Roc Nation, an entertainment and sports agency also co-owned by Jay-Z.

Her business savvy and street flair are viewed as a guarantee that the online streaming brand will be wildly successful. She is already looking to rig in some big contracts, which will change the playing field for the online streaming venture.  For additional updates from Dez, click on crunchbase.com. In addition, individual subscriptions are on the rise.

Co-owner artists are rallying around the brand bringing in exclusive offerings on the service. According to templeofthecave.com, Desiree is no stranger to creating success with celebrities having helped artists such as Beyoncé and Rihanna ink lucrative partnerships. It’s a family affair with Desiree’s husband Juan Perez heading Roc Nation.

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Tidal is putting up a spirited effort to capture a piece of the pie held by the big players in the game, namely Spotify and Apple. It is targeting more youthful audiences with emerging trends, events and new releases instead of pushing existing cuts. Will her no-frills approach be the saving stroke to turn Tidal into a profitable premium streaming service of the future? We will have to wait to get an answer.  More on of the subject on billboard.com.

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The Role of Desiree Peres in Tidal’s Success.


Tidal is one of the fast rising music streaming firms in the United States. The company was formed by Jay-Z, and it has partnered with various profitable musicians such as a Rihanna, T.I, Kanye West, and Beyonce. These artists have all released albums via Tidal and have significantly facilitated its growth. The number of users of the Tidal app has been rising, and this is evident from the number of downloads that it is getting on the iTunes store. The management of the company has changed in the past few months and the current chief executive if Jeff Toig, who formerly served as an executive at Soundcloud. The success of the firm is highly motivated by Desiree Perez. She is a businessperson who has great experience in the music industry and has been a close friend and partner of Jay-Z for about two decades. Mrs. Peres has been a major player in most of the deals that the firm has sealed. She also manages her company, which is known as SC Enterprise. Her husband Juan Peres is the head of then Roc Nation Sports.  To learn more, Hit on apple.com 


Desiree is a talented dealmaker who has exceptional negotiation expertise. She is highly regarded in the music business and has also gained significant recognition in the streets than any other woman. According to information from her close associates, she was in charge of the signing of Rihanna’s contract with Samsung and the organizing of Beyoncé’s Formation tour. She is affiliated to the Hova Circle of Influence. Its members include Juan Peres, Ty Smith, Jana Fleischman, Jay Brown, and Chaka Pilgrim and they are administrators of various units of Roc Nation as well as Tidal.

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The Tidal service has been striving to gain more subscribers from the United States and the rest of the world. Mrs. Peres’s work at the firm is outstanding, and she has assisted Jay-Z changing to music streaming business. She believes in her efforts, and according to her, tidal will be in business many more years. Her management talent and experience have made the enterprise run smoothly. Desiree has made deals with many profitable musicians on behalf of Tidal.com. The company faces competitions from other streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify that have been in the industry for longer. It has however worked to developed a niche whereby it focuses on offering the latest and trending music to its subscribers.

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