Online Reputation Protects Brand Image

Also known as ORM, online reputation management refers to the practice of developing workable strategies aimed at influencing the perception of a brand, an organization, individual or other companies on the internet. Online reputation management helps in driving the public opinion of business, services, and merchandises. Online reputation management specializes in the monitoring of results on websites to ensure a positive image of the brand. Most organizations consider online reputation management as an asset.

The idea of online reputation management is to widen public relations outside media relations. According to recent research on online reputation management by, most Fortune 500 companies benefit from the services offered by online reputation management firms. With the growth of the internet and social media as marketing platforms, online reputation management has become a basic need for most companies, as companies now have to guard their images to maintain a positive perception.

The Taco Bell Company

In January 21st, 2011, Taco Bell Company, a chain of restaurants was accused of allegedly producing fake seasoned beef. According to the Taco Bell clients, the seasoned beef contained only 35% actual beef. As a result, the Beasley Allen, a law firm filed a lawsuit against Taco Bell Company. However, having not found guilty, the case was closed since Beasley Allen had indicated that any changes that would be made by Taco Bell would result in the dismissal of the case. After the withdrawal of the case, Taco Bell decided to hire a reputation management firm. The appointed online reputation manager uploaded commercial advertisements on various online platforms to inform the public about the dismissal of the case.

According to a study conducted by the University of California Berkeley in 2007, most retailers would sell their products on eBay at a price cut in exchange for continuous feedback. Although online reputation management is useful in maintaining the firm’s image, some enterprises have embraced unprincipled business deals to improve their reputation falsely. Reputation management focuses on monitoring the internet brand image while addressing damaging issues. Additionally, online reputation management uses client feedback to offer immediate solutions to possible damaging contents.