End Citizens United

End Citizens United recently announced they have endorsing Rob Quist for Congress. Quist is running for a special at-large district in Montana and strongly opposes the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling. In a nutshell, Citizens United was a landmark Supreme Court ruling that literally opened up the floodgates for politicians to get out-of-control donations from special interests.


End Citizens United was particularly impressed with Rob Quist’s campaign because it has been an entirely grassroots affair throughout. Quist has relied on small contributions throughout his congressional run. The man definitely practices what he preaches.


End Citizens United does as well. They have over three million members who have an average contribution of $14. This group recently announced that it has raised $4 million during the first three months of this year. They also project that they will raise over $35 million dollars for the support of candidates within the 2018 mid-term elections. Luckily, over 100,000 people contributed to this PAC during the first part of this year. They also were able to attract 40,000 people to give to the organization for the first time ever.


In a lot of ways, this political action committee was birthed at just the right time. Needless to say, there are a lot of people who are frustrated with politics as usual in Washington, and they feel that this PAC is one way where they can make their voices heard. In a way, it is particularly telling that the average donations do not come from the deep pockets of oil executives, big pharma, or many others.


Indeed, this committee is a group that was made by the people and for the people. They will continue to fight the good fight for the common man just by getting small donations a little at a time. The system is truly rigged, and many are starting to realize it. They realized that Hillary Clinton is no different than Donald Trump and Donald Trump is no different than Hillary Clinton, and they want to see real change in Washington. And as they continue to join together, they will see real progress in many important areas in Washington and the country.


A Day in the Life of a Political Advocate: Andrea McWilliams is Not Your Mainstream Businessperson

Andrea McWilliams is the type of person wherein real time television shows come about. Andrea McWilliams, in her role as political analyst and adviser, provides a highly-regarded service to her client-base. So what does she do? Andrea McWilliams listens to the needs of her client. She advises her client, in a professional manner, as to a proper political solution. She skillfully provides lobbying services, on behalf of her client, in order to create the desired change.

Andrea McWilliams is not only a political “doer,” she is a political observer. The two key components are necessary, with regard to her consultancy role. She looks at the economic and political atmosphere. She evaluates this environment. She, in turn, provides insight to her client–with respect to her analysis.

It is apparent that political cleverness is part of the make up of Andrea McWilliams. She is well-reputed, in political circles, with regard to her political acumen.

She represents the Austin community, well, too. She participates in a great deal of community-business functions, within Austin. She has received a tremendous amount of praise from her co-peers, in the forms of achievement awards. She has been recognized, for example, for her outstanding service with regard to the not-for-profit sector, within the Austin community.

Andrea is not only a “doer,” she is a “go to her” type of person. The business people, know that they can count on McWilliams to effectively lobby for them, when their businesses require certain legislative requirements. McWilliams, they know, is more than willing to “step up to the plate,” in this regard