Ferguson Protests Prove that George Soros is on the Rise

Democratic party and liberal financier George Soros has become a powerful figure in politics. He is not an elected official but a powerful member of American society. He has a vast fortune that makes him one of the world’s richest persons. He valued at more than $30 billion dollars and his wealth seems to be without end.

Soros was an astute businessman who made his fortune in the world of investing. This billionaire magnate has managed to generate billion over a long and successful investment career. Sometime in the 2000s George Soros had retired from business and then kind of faded away from the scene. Then all of a sudden, he exploded onto the scene in 2004 to support the democratic nominee that year against former President Bush. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

Since that time, he has been a staunch supporter of democratic candidates and has helped to support President Obama’s run for office. He also helped Hillary Clinton to run against Donald Trump in 2016 – though the democrats lost that bid.

Soros not only helps democrats, he also helps liberals in general. He is not a conservative person in his view of the world and in politics. Soros uses the Open Society Foundations to support his donations to various liberal and democratic organizations and candidates.

When the Ferguson riots exploded back in 2014 inside of Missouri; Soros knew that this was another important cause for him to fight. The Black Community has been feeling victimized for years behind police brutality and oppression. Soros realized how frustrated this group of people was after George Zimmerman’s acquittal during the Treyvon Martin shooting.

The Michael Brown incident made black people feel like they were worthless and that they did not matter. Soros stated otherwise. Soros supports the Black Lives Matter movement because he believes in what they stand for. This organization made their debut during the Ferguson protests and the impacted the world. They are now the leading social activist organization for the modern day Black Community.

George Soros’s ability to fund this organization and to be a major contributor to the protest movement as a whole; has helped him to gain a lot of power within the U.S. He now has the ability to influence the outcome of major political and social movements within the U.S. and abroad. Soros is making moves that is helping to keep the political right and conservative elements in check. Visit this site to know more at opensocietyfoundations.org.

Traditional power structures within the U.S. and abroad realize the power that Soros yields and they fear him. Soros used the political protests in Ferguson to help minority people within the U.S. and to show the world that he has the means and the ability to influence politics like never before. He is truly on the rise.

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