Unveiling the Mystery of Kabbalism

Most religions consist of hundreds of complicated theories and beliefs that are brought together under one name. Kabbalah is not a religion. It is developed from one concept and that is the one Creator who is Light. The wisdom and principles teach the student the principles for their own lives. Kabbalah originates around Noah and Abraham who are primary characters of Judaism.

Judaism plays a supporting role in Kabbalah, but it is not a part of it. For thousands of years, the ancient beliefs were studied only by priests and passed down by word of mouth. They studied in small circles mainly in Europe and Asia and read full article.

Kabbalah in Recent Years

Kabbalah Centres of the 20th century changed everything. In 1922, RavAshtag founded the first Kabbalah Centre in Israel. This Centre became the hub of Kabbalah wisdom so all interested persons could come to this location and study.

Ancient documents were studied and the secret veil that covered this spirituality was lifted. Two Americans, Rav and Karen Berg, studied for nearly a decade under RavAshtag. Then, they went back to the U.S.and founded the first Kabbalah Centre in NYC. Within the next decade, five more Kabbalah Centres were established in America and in 40 cities around the world and what Kabbalah knows.

The Centres focus on studying the principles, translating ancient documents from Hebrew and Aramaic, and instilling joy into the lives of the members. The main focus is on the spiritual growth of the members. but a member had to live close to participate in the classes, the dinners and the volunteer events for the community.

Kabbalah is a practical study that assists the student in making better decisions in their own lives. When the Internet came out, the Bergs started the Kabbalah Universty streaming online from the L.A. Kabbalah Centre, and it included classes, meditations, conferences and posts from Centres worldwide. Anyone was now able to participate, and Kabbalah University became the largest Kabbalah Centre and it is available for everyone who has a computer and Kabbalah of Website.

The Kabbalah Center Guides Students

At the Kabbalah Centre, Kabbalistic teachings are revealed, embraced, and understood. Students learn to do more than simply understand Kabbalistic teachings, but to also apply and use these teachings in their own lives. These teachings have been sought after and shared for thousands of years.

Kabbalah Centres can be found across the globe from east to west. The center was founded in the United States in 1965 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag in 1922. Today, there are locations in more than forty cities and the center’s teachings are accessible to students online.

At the center of these teachings is the idea that humans were brought into the world to seek goodness and fulfillment. Student’s learn to harness the light of the creator and to live cohesively with positive progression. Through the Kabbalah Center, students are able to learn how to remove the negative emotions felt by pain and suffering by placing focus on a purpose higher than the self.

The Kabbalah Center’s staff embraces a wide variety of backgrounds. These staff members act as mentors, spiritual guides and teachers, aiding their students in a spiritual journey. With their guidance, student’s make sense of some of the oldest teachings known to man.

The talented staff allows Kabbalistic teachings to be accessible. Students need not have a background in Hebrew or Jewish Texts. The Kabbalah Center allows students to arrive as they are and grow as they journey farther in their understanding of the center’s teachings. During their journey, students focus closing on their relationship with God’s essence.

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The Kabbalah Centre’s Inclusive Approach To Sharing Wisdom

Kabbalah is an ancient practice that focuses on gaining wisdom and working to receive fulfillment in life. Kabbalahists develop the ability to maintain a longlasting connection to the energy of fulfillment by gaining knowledge and understanding of how the universe and life work. Those who study Kabbalah seek a deeper meaning to life and seek to overcome the chaos and strife that life’s circumstances can cause people to feel. They study to understand life’s existential mysteries like who we are and what our purpose is. Study of the Zohar – a five thousand year old set of spiritual principles that form the basis of Kabbalism – is the key to practicing and understanding this faith. The path to experiencing the universe and all that life has to offer as the Creator intended is laid out in the Zohar’s teachings.


The Kabbalah Centre International is an organization based in Los Angeles that offers courses on the Zohar, Kabbalistic teachings and guidance to people all over the world who want to study the Zohar’s teachings and the path to deeper understanding of the universe. Founded in 1965 the Kabbalah Centre is now a nonprofit organization with over 50 locations, several in major cities including LA, New York, and London. It strives to spread the values of peace and reflecting on the good in life that understanding of Kabbalah can bring by taking a global and inclusive approach to teaching about the faith.


Despite Kabbalah’s connection to the Jewish faith the Kabbalah Centre offers its teachings to students who have no prior knowledge of Hebrew or Jewish texts. A multiethnic, international staff of teachers encourages the global community of students the the centre enjoys. Students can also come from many different faiths because the Kabbalah Centre’s philosophy is that kabbalah’s teachings are not religion specific or exclusive, it’s teachings instead help to reinforce and affirm the spiritual beliefs of other religions.