Celebrating the Inseparable Union between Technology and Fashion

The world is gradually appreciating the need to assemble all manner of musical instruments in celebration of the growing inseparable union between technology and fashion. Initiating only a handful of people took note of this union. Some of them have amass great wealth with that simple understanding. A good example of such peculiar individuals is Chris Burch.


To say Mr Burch is smart will be an understatement. He is simple a born entrepreneur. Here is a man that started experiencing business success in his teens while in college. He became a millionaire entrepreneur before leaving college. His millions were not through inheritance, they were the reward for his unusual entrepreneurial prowess.


Whatever Mr Burch venture into, the industry notwithstanding, he turns out a monumental success. In fashion, he excelled; in technology, he stood out; in real estate, he set the pace. The company he currently manages, Burch Creative Capital, remain a wonder to many as it command an intimidating brand of portfolio.


The union between technology and fashion is an evolving one, always improving by the day. For instance, music lovers in the 70s moved from one place to another with their boom boxes conveying great tunes and stations. The music world has to wait some two decades after to witness the invention of the Walkman, more fashionable and sophisticated to the boom box. The personal music experience the new invention provided endeared it immeasurably. Before the turn of the century, something better than the Walkman surfaced, the iPod. This trend of something better replacing the previous has never stop, which is something worth celebrating.


Almost any fashion conscious person today knows the immeasurable good technology is adding to the world of fashion. In fact, some people have gone to the extend of saying that there can be no higher standard of innovation and functionality in fashion without the inputs of technology. Anouk Wipprecht, a renowned Dutch fashion designer, could not agree less when she made this statement:”technology is like a playground, a place of experiment, and as you dive deeper and deeper into the technology and systems, it rewards you with endless possibilities.”


Fashion keeps widening its scope in recent times with the help of technology. Much emphasis is now placed on protecting users of fashion products. The case of airbag for cyclists readily comes to mind. Although this new product can be likened to a helmet in many ways,yet it provides a superior visibility of the surroundings when worn and closed.


It looks strange but it is real; fashion and technology can now be combined to produce kinetic energy. To achieve this feat, experts exploited the fact that movement can be converted to electrical energy. We now have cloths designed in ways that capture kinetic energy to power mp3, watch and other appliances.


The list of unbelievable feats achieved so far by reason of the union of technology and fashion seems inexhaustible and many more are on the way. Definitely, the world is better for this union, and it is something to be celebrated.