ClassDojo Use Expands

Staying on top of their children’s education is a very important job that all parents year. Since many families today have two working parents, this can be a very hard task as it can be difficult to find time to meet with teachers and other educators. Fortunately, there is a new and growing application that is being used by educators across the country to provide more communication.

The new application that is taking the education industry by storm is ClassDojo ClassDojo is and application that is available on any smartphone or tablet. It can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Historically, it has been used by parents and teachers to connect through a secure messaging service, but is now used for many different functions. Today, teachers are able to use it to provide parents with classroom updates, give test score results, provide regular schedule changes, and even post pictures and create an online yearbook.

The use of the ClassDojo application is also continuing to grow exponentially. Today, it is estimated that at least one teacher and nearly 80% of schools across the country use the application. The company has also raised over 10 million dollars in venture capital equity that will be used to further enhance the growth. The money is going to be used by the farm for marketing, expansion, and to develop new uses for the application. It is expected that the application will soon be used in higher education fields including college and post-graduate programs.