David L. Giertz of National Financial Distributors

David Giertz says that many advisors are not talking to their clients about social security. In an interview, David the Nationwide Financial President, said that it is necessary for clients to know what more about matters of social security.

Survey Findings

David points out that, according to a survey, advisors refuse or disregard to inform clients about matters of social security. This survey was taken on retired folk, those who are ten years away from retirement and regular customers.


The survey which was on wsj.com indicated that around 4-5 people change their advisors if they are not brought to speed on matters of social security. David said that the complexity of the social security matters, covered in a 2700 page document, is what makes agents shy from the topic altogether.

Is Talking About Social Security Important

David said that the topic is very important and should not be ignored by agents. David indicates that clients turning on ‘social security too early’ stand to lose over $300,000 over a span of 25 years. When agents engage clients on social security matters, helps in ensuring these clients optimize their income in retirement.

About David L. Giertz

David was senior VP of ‘Nationwide Financial Distribution’. He also worked in sales for ‘Nationwide Life Insurance Company’. Since March 2013, he served as President of ‘Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc’. He is also President and Principal Vice President of other nationwide companies. He was VP responsible for sales at ‘Nationwide Financial Services’. Prior to working at ‘Nationwide Financial Services’, Giertz was VP for sales at FI/WH between 2009 and 2013. He was VP of sales for NF Sales between 2004 and 2009.

David’s 30 years experience in matters of ‘buying and selling securities’ puts him ahead of the pack. He is a broker registered with FINRA. This certificate enables him to conduct business within the law.


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