Different Fronts And Different Ideas

Many people probably haven’t heard James Bopp’s name, but he is one of the most influential attorneys in the US specializing in constitutional law. He appeared in court on behalf of Citizens United and challenged a ruling about their film on Hillary Clinton.

The ruling ultimately was about the First Amendment and its extension to corporations under the law. The court ruled that the companies can be protected under the First Amendment the same way average voters are. Bopp himself comes from a family of doctors, and his law career was not something he anticipated as a child.

Not everyone agrees with this ruling, and the money can buy anything thinking.

Turn the Tables

Political activism is now more important than ever before. People are interested in different opinions, and they want to know more. Politics also always go hand in hand with money, and voters want to change the way these funds are used. They also want to modify the way campaign financing happens and what governs them.

It clear that people need to be more aware of politics than ever before. The general public should be educated in matters of constitution and state. The understanding that money can go very far inspires people to fight back.

When finances come into play, all is not as easy as one might think.

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End Citizens United is a PAC or a Political Action Committee. They are set to break some strong records by raising a lot of money to propel their causes further than ever before. They raised more than 4 million dollars in the period from January to March of this year. The overall prediction is that this number will climb up to about 35 million dollars before the midterm elections.

In 2016 End Citizens United was able to raise 25 million dollars. It was their first attempt since the PAC was created in 2015. They are working towards the goal of politicians and money working for the electorate and not the interests of billionaires finding them.

Political Activism on Both Sides

The PAC raised money to support Jon Ossof from the Democratic Party in this first run for office in Georgia. The donations rose to 500 000 and many people donated for the first time in their lives.

Since End Citizens United and their model falls under the Federal Law, their donations from a single donor cannot surpass 5 000 dollars. Even with this regulation cap in place, they have been able to raise more money than ever before. They have also shown that this activism will have an impact on politicians and votes in the future. For example, in the DeVos nomination, the PAC helped to create a tie vote. It resulted in VP Pence stepping in and breaking the tie.