Information on NuoDB and its cloud database technology

NuoDB is a technology company that formed in 2008 in Cambridge Massachusetts. The creator of this software Jim Starkey. This particular article is about NuoDB which is a (DBMS) or database management system, and its cloud database technology. NuoDB has object architecture that is brought out which functions in the cloud. What this means is a new server is added so the database is scaled-out and it runs faster. The NuoDB works in the database by processing in environments in the cloud database by communicating.

The NuoDB has a layered approach for the cloud database. What this means is the NuoDB can still operate without having to close couple an application as well as the data on a disk drive. This has shown to be an obstacle in some applications on the cloud database.

The NuoDb splits elements of data into “atoms” which are software objects. The database is constructed around a specific design which utilizes in-memory caches to support elasticity. This is cloud database style. The NuoDB makes sure that every data object is both safely stored as well as maintained.