John Goullet Leads Staffing Firm Diversant

The technology staffing firm known as Diversant is one of the very best when it comes to recruiting top level technology talent for various companies. For over two decades, Diversant has used its core values of discipline, teamwork and diversity to meet the needs of many companies that are looking to improve their technology departments. Diversant has lots of experience helping companies in a variety of industries as well as technology professionals with different backgrounds. The firm Diversant has been among the most trustworthy sources of helping companies find the best technology talent available on a regular basis. By having its staff work together, Diversant has had the ability to consistently reach its own goals as well as those set by their client companies in terms of staffing.


Diversant has been led by its current principal John Goullet for over twenty years. Goullet is one of the most experienced technology professionals around and therefore uses his expertise to guide the firm. Over the last two decades, Goullet has accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience that has helped Diversant develop into a top staffing firm. John is a firm believer in teamwork, diversity and discipline and therefore urges the staff to emphasize these things everyday. With this urging, Diversant has been in position to work closely between staff members as well as with technology professionals and companies. This has led to Diversant being able to assist companies in getting the technology professionals to best operate their technology departments on a regular basis.


When John began his career, he was working as a consultant for a number of computing companies. This allowed John to learn the technology industry and also help his companies get the best resources for operating. John Goullet would make a number of recommendations on computer hardware and software that was more up to date. This helped his employers get in position to provide better products and services to customers. John noticed a demand for technology professionals and thus started up his own technology staffing firm in 1994. Goullet would eventually join Diversant to take over as its top executive.