Kenneth Goodgame Takes True Value One Step Forward

Kenneth Goodgame took over as the Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of True Value Company after Mike Clark. Along with Tim Mills and Abhinav Shukla, he was appointed by the True Value to attract new realtors and increase profitability for the existing ones. He has been the CMO and SVP of True Value since 2013.

Kenneth Goodgame at True Value

In the past three years, True Value’s growth in the marketing world has been drastic. With a gross second-quarter earnings, the company shows no signs of stopping. With more than a decade of experience in manufacturing and over 15 years of experience in retail, Goodgame has a veteran eye in observing market trends. He dedicates himself towards the growth of the company through his leadership skills. He analyses all productivity enhancements and cost composed negotiations. Goodgame’s expertise in manufacturing and retail helps him to navigate market shifts and aptitude to avoid mistakes likely to be made by others.

Achievements at True Value

Kenneth Goodgame launched a 250 SKU EDLP program, which was appreciated by retailers for its low sensitivity to SKU. The program was also reckoned for its ability to deliver a good percentage of margins. Towards the end of 2015, the retail prices increased significantly while the basket ring rose by 9%.

• He was able to achieve 10% annual increase in the company’s savings, which was a meagre 2% before he entered the organization.

• Supported by more than 2800 stores, Kenneth created a new 4SKU end cap program, which proved to be successful.

• About 40% of buyers deemed as low performers, were replaced thereby creating a high-energy and enthusiastic team with product expertise.

• The most significant achievement by Ken Goodgame in True Value was the ability to increase the buying pattern.

During his tenure at True Value, Kenneth Goodgame contributed significantly towards the growth of the company through his passion and experience. When asked about his success, Goodgame pointed out to the use of common sense along with his over three decades of experience in decision making processes.