Lime Crime: Lips So Beautiful It’s A “Scandal”

Lips are one of the most important facial features. They are right in the middle of your face. So why wouldn’t you want to make them beautiful? Introducing Lime Crime Scandal Velvetine Lipstick. It is a long-lasting, liquid to matte, lipstick inspired by rose petals. The CEO created the idea from her own love of roses.

Scandal is a gorgeous, deep purple shade, with a hint of red. It goes perfect with Lime Crime’s Trip Diamond Crusher, which can be used anywhere on your body. It is an iridescent color that brings out the plum tints. It is also described with the scent of strawberries. For a beautiful pink tint to your Scandal you could use Acid Fairy Diamond Crusher as a “topper.”

As for the style to use when wearing Scandal it is best worn as a bold look, with fiery eyes and rich dark lips. One of the best looks seen is a burnt-red, bold eyeshadow, with cat-like eyeliner, thick eyelashes, and dark eyebrows. At last paired with a wonderful up-do hair style with small curl tendrils hanging down around your face.

Another trend is a light eye, with highlighter at your corners, voluminous eyelashes, a shimmering pink eyeshadow, and your Scandal lipstick. With hair styled in large curls framing your face, it is a perfect business-casual look.

When putting on Scandal it is suggested that you “should apply lip balm 15 minutes before application, pat off excess oils with tissue, then apply Scandal directly to lips and use a lip brush to refine edges.” Since Scandal is long-lasting at the end of your day remove it with makeup-remover. If you don’t have makeup-remover, petroleum jelly also works to remove the strong, long-lasting, lipstick.

What is even more amazing about all the products from Lime Crime is that they are 100% vegan and also certified cruelty-free. So you have an amazing lipstick with an even better quality. Lime Crime prides itself on coming up with new ideas including “high-performance formulas.”

So in conclusion, any of you looking for a new lipstick, Scandal is definitely one for the books.