Look for the Rebound

One of the biggest differences between this generation is a willingness to invest (or perhaps a lack there of). Worst of all, there are more enemies to wealth now than there ever were in the past. People in the 1960’s didn’t have cellular phone bills. They saved their money until they could buy a home and rarely lived in apartments. Lastly, people in the past didn’t have credit cards to drive them into debt. You might not want the $2,000 pair of jeans if you had to go to the bank and get a loan to buy them. Fortunately, there is a beacon of light in the seemingly black financial future. Highlands Capitol Management has been in business for nearly a half-century and they’ve become successful by taking advantage of emerging market trends.

The New Era of Investing

James Dondero has always thought outside of the financial box. This is how his alternative investment firm was able to accumulate more than $15 billion in assets. However, it seems the financial juggernaut is looking to branch beyond just the world of hedge funds.

If someone was to take a close look at HCM, a new interest in health-care stocks would certainly stand out. One of the company’s units in particular is showing an interest in this sector after performing extremely well last year. Highland Alternative Investors falls under the HCM umbrella, and they saw a 30% return on their S&P 500 investments last year. Michael Gregory picked most of the stocks that made such lofty returns for his investors and he seems poised to turn his attention to the health-care sector. Last year, this sector under performed, and Gregory thinks this could propel it to an epic rebound. Wise investors might want to take note, because Gregory’s track record is almost a impressive as that of James Dondero.