Merger Promises Improved Quality of Life to North Texas Residents

Recently, Highland Capital Management partnered with The Dallas Foundation with the sole aim of improving the lives of those in the North Texas area. It’s no surprise that Highland Capital pursued The Dallas Foundation to this end, especially when you look at the impressive philanthropic record of Highland Capital co-founder James Dondero. Given his extensive background in giving and good deeds, it’s no surprise that he would seek out Dallas Foundation President and CEO Mary Jalonick, given her experience in donor relations and philanthropy.

James Dondero has quite a record himself, as he has been an integral part of the North Texas community for decades. Not only has he demonstrated a competency for massive philanthropic action, he also gives the bulk of his donations to his own community. Not only that, but he’s also demonstrated a commitment to veteran support and a long-standing passion for education and health care needs, as well.

Dondero is committed to improving the lives of individuals, particularly those in his local Texas community. To this end, he has tirelessly invested in philanthropic work that enriches the community and enables the citizens thereof to lead better, more productive lives. His philanthropic work has enabled many to lead successful lives that, without his support, may not otherwise have been possible.

His giving is prolific and always carries with it the intention of enriching communities, providing opportunity, and making pathways for others that may not have existed without his help. Given that his company’s philanthropic budget has grown to over $3 million, it’s no wonder that he has chosen this moment in time to bring on board another individual with extensive experience in philanthropic deeds by way of a merger.

It is expected that this merger will only amplify and extend the philanthropic reach of Dondero and Highland Capital while more firmly establishing The Dallas Foundation as a pinacle in the community. With a proven record of achievement in philanthropic and non-profit pursuits, there’s no telling how beneficial The Dallas Foundation will be to the furthered success and growth of the North Texas community.


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