NuoDB, Creating Value with the SQL Database System

When it comes to cloud system management, there is no company as experienced as NuoDB. For nine years, NuoDB has pioneered the use of SQL database that since from the get-go has helped companies meet their financial obligations. By eliminating downtime, scaling elasticity, and maintaining acid semantics, NuoDB has ensured that the elastic SQL database keeps your transactional infrastructure on demand.

Since the very beginning, NuoDB has had its headquarters located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a strategic position for performing its designated duties. Since 2008, NuoDB with its flexible SQL cloud database system has gained global recognition winning the affection of the UAE Exchange, Alfa Systems, Dassault Systemes, and the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Because of the innovation brought about by the SQL database, NuoDB has earned the name, NewSQL. With its distributed object architecture, systems have been able to run faster than previously anticipated, signifying the role that the SQL database plays in eliminating downtime.

As the creation of Edgar F. Codd, the SQL database can run virtually anywhere. Due to its elastic nature, it can process more than one million sets of instructions per second. Thanks to NuoDB, the world now realizes that there is a better and efficient way of achieving results.