Nuodb SQL Database Provide the Needed Solution in Scaling Software Based Industries

The current business world is in need of a SQL database that can process many transactions at a go because most business has been expanding their horizon. A slow SQL database can be very costly for any company. Nuodb is the ultimate solution to this business need.

Nuodb is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and was founded in 2008 by Jim Starkey, Barry s. Morris and the Chief executive officer is Bob Walmsley. Nuodb has an incredible 85 employees less than ten years after its inception.

The SQL database has been applauded in the technological community for being elastic. Nuodb works in the cloud through the use of distributed objects. It was designed In line with the technological rule of relational databases that was first hypothesized by Edgar F.Codd.

Nuodb SQL database has been listed in the magic quadrant as one of the most enterprising operational database management systems years after year after its release. The technology has been able to serve many MNCs such as Kodiak, Alfa Systems, Dassault Systems and UAE Exchange. Over time Nuodb SQL database has been enhanced with additional features to respond to trends in its client industry as well as to help customer extend their tentacles globally.