Omar Yunes An Iconic Entrepreneur

The proprietor of Sushi Itto establishment, Omar Yunes got the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) grant for the year 2015. Mr. Yunes is perceived for wandering into the matter of giving Japanese sustenance at a youthful age of 21 years. Today, the businessperson possesses more than 10 establishment units working in Veracruz, Puebla and Mexico City. Amid the acknowledgment discourse, Omar Yunes said he was just speaking to the whole group of 400 staff at Sushi Itto in light of the fact that they have assumed essential part of making the establishment make the progress.

The 2015 release was held in Florence, Italy and got agents from more than 30 nations from various parts of the world. The champ was resolved on the premise of establishment’s effect to the system, and the brand was not considered. Amid the Mexican BFW version, Omar Yunes was additionally reported the champ. The business person was perceived for his capacity to enhance the connection between the diversifying and franchisee. The CEO of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelmo, said the honor was a sign of the organization’s push to proceed with arrangement of best level administrations to their clients.

About the BFW Award

This honor perceives franchisees of best brands through their accomplishments, commitment and endeavors of enhancing their brands. Omar Yunes was the delegate of Mexico in the honor, and after all contemplations, he was reported the champ. The target of this honor is to compensate administration, creative thoughts and grasping cooperation over the span of upgrading operations of the establishment. The Mexican section of BFW pulled in 34 franchisees drawn from various urban areas in the nation.

Understanding Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes is a noticeable representative from Mexico who was perceived two years prior for winning BFW grant. His image possesses near ninety eateries in Mexico and different parts of South America. Mr. Yunes has encouraged the direction of his image through development of system, cost sparing measures, staff welfare, and furthermore development of income. The business visionary has a wide involvement with respect to the eating scene in Mexico. This has utilized his capability to grow his business portfolio on the stage, and furthermore being perceived as the pioneer of eatery network in Mexico.