Teachers Create Classroom Unity From Communication With ClassDojo

Teachers, parents, and students finally have a way to connect learning with unity. ClassDojo is the innovative classroom communication app that provides communication resources for 90% of K-8 classrooms. Completely free to teachers, the combination of technology and social communication is integrated into Common Core curriculum. ClassDojo also allows a convenient way to share daily achievements between students and parents.

ClassDojo was created to offer a tech solution for teachers to establish relationships within the classroom, help parents understand the new Common Core concepts, and show parents visual examples of how their children were performing. Within the noise and action of a typical school classroom, it is easy for an introverted child to get lost in the shuffle. By using the communication app ClassDojo, the quieter child can express themselves comfortably while gaining empathy from other students. In many cases, ClassDojo assists in keeping class culture positive, and not so chaotic, by organizing the communication of excessively talkative students. This solution cuts down on classroom management time and encourages socialization without classroom disruption.

Children have their own individual portfolios, and add photos and videos to them that are available for sharing with the desired audience, also allowing for safe and private messaging between children and parents. Teachers can also share positive or negative classroom moments that open communication lines with parents and create a support cycle between home and school. By involving parents in classroom activity, home life can include the reiteration of coursework and social topics that need attention. The overall goal is to create a community that leaves no child in the shadows, and ClassDojo has found a proactive way to do that with an innovative mobile communication app. Created by a highly skilled team of web developers, the mobile app encourages classroom culture of harmony and unity.