The ClassDojo App Is A Dream Come True For Parents And Teachers

The ClassDojo is an app used to stay in contact with the students, teachers, and parents. This eliminates sending notes home with the student, the student reading the note and then throwing the note away. The parents are left in the dark and the teacher is waiting for a response they will never receive.

How The ClassDojo App Works

The teacher leaves the ClassDojo app on the Smartboard. The Smartboard uses View Board software that enables the teacher to record, spotlight and magnify the information. The app works with Smartphones, Desktops, Laptops and Interactive Whiteboards.

* The teacher can write and edit home work and class work.

* Send information to the student’s phone when they are in or out of the classroom.

* The parents have an immediate update on the student’s behavior and progress.

* The parents can contact the teacher during specified hours.

How The ClassDojo Keeps The Parents Informed

* The parents have to download the app to their phone or electronic device and sign on.

* The parents will be alerted by email to look at their child’s work on a weekly or monthly basis. If your child is like mine checking their progress and work on a daily basis is prudent.

* The app lends the teacher a hand tracking the behavior of each student and the behavior is recorded.

* The app has a list of behaviors.

* The teacher and the parents can decide how to proceed to help the student’s behavior improve.

* The donut shaped chart shows the students progress using percentages.

How The ClassDojo Works With The Students

Kids respond well to Avatars and become one in the app. The kids just click on their Avatar and instantly receive information. Setting up and organizing classes is accomplished with a simple click. The teacher can give out “Dojo Points” as a reward to the students.


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