The man behind the success of Securus, Mr. Rick Smith

Rick Smith is the CEO of Securus technologies and has been at its helm for the past nine or so years. Securus Technologies is a technology giant founded in the year 1986 with the aim of providing solutions for public safety and the modernization of the prison experience. They boast a clientele base of over 3400 security, correction and law enforcement facilities. This sums up to some over 1.2 million prisoners across 48 states, in North America, from their Dallas headquarters.

Rick Smith studied at the Rochester Institute of Technology where he got an associate’s degree. He went on to graduate with a degree in engineering from the state university of New York which he quickly followed with masters in the same field. Rick later got an MBA through the Simon school. He has worked for several companies occupying various positions. Mr. Smith was a chief information officer at the global crossing and later moved to frontier information technologies where he served as president. He also served as vice president at Midwest telephone operations. One of his earlier achievements was between 2000 and 2003 when he grew his company’s revenue from 30 million dollars to 350 million dollars while serving as the president of Eschelon Telecom. He later became CEO and served till 2007.

All this experience in finance, information technology, operations and other relevant business areas was preparing him for his next big project, Securus. Rick Smith began as the CEO and president of Securus technologies in 2008. He would later become the chairman of the same in 2009. Using his expertise and knowledge, Rick quickly positioned Securus above its competitors going on to serve more than 2000 facilities around the country. By constantly innovating and registering patents, they have stayed ahead in providing emergency response systems, biometric analysis and communication and monitoring systems among others. The Rick Smith leadership has seen the company grow so much and push even more boundaries and thus protecting the community from crime including those committed within the prisons.

This steady growth brought forth the biggest success story of Rick Smith’s career at Securus. He negotiated the purchase of JPay Inc. which takes brought all manner of entertainment and education related apps to the correctional institution, electronic payments, and email. This purchase was finalized in April 2015. According to Rick Smith, Securus can provide any technology and software to correction facilities to help them modernize. These efforts are fueled by a strong belief in making the incarceration system safer and better. Rick Smith stated that Securus was receiving many letters and emails appreciating the work they were doing. Some went on further to state that communities were safer, the inmates were safer, and even the people who visited the inmates felt safer since the inception of secures.