The Reasons Why Most Women Shop from Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette is a renowned company which is involved in the sales of lingerie and the bedroom items which are luxurious. The products bring the desired pleasure parlor in the bedroom. The consumers obtain increased sensuality using the lingerie and the bedroom toys from the company. The products from the company also bring the empowerment to the women. The needs of the women are satisfied with the products provided by the enterprise. The consumers are provided with diverse products available in Honey Birdette’s stories. The customers who make orders of over $50 are awarded free delivery services. The company has opened many branches in various cities in the world. The company was founded in 2006 in Australia.
Eloise Monaghan who is the founder of the company launched an e-commerce platform in the USA. The reason behind the launch of the website was the increase in the online sales in the USA by 374 percent.The sales were recorded in 12 months.Currently, the company has 55 stores in Australia. Eloise Monaghan expects the numbers of stores in the UK to increase from 3 to 40 before the end of 2018.The website is aimed at improving the efficiency and customers service. The platform offers free delivery services on goods worth over $50 ordered from the company.
Honey Birdette will launch other retail shops in various towns in the USA to ensure that the customers can easily access the products. The company recently opened stores in London’s Covent Garden and Westfield White City. Another store was also opened at Leeds’ Victoria Gate. Besides, the Honey Birdette will soon launch 10 stores in the USA which is part of the 40 stores which are to be opened by 2018.The cost of the premium label is £35, and the bras is £60.The brand from the company has backing from BBRC.BBRC is a privately owned company.