The world of Adam Milstein

The ongoing contest of the Israel Society has indicated that more than 80 have voted by creating videos that enlighten, inspires and entertains the community of Israel. This is due to the ‘Inspired by Israel’ contest that is currently running and is later showed to the top panel of judges.


By the end of the contest there will be a prize of $20,000 that will be given to those whose videos are the best. Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation are the sponsors of the competition. The host of the contest is This event is in association with the 12Tribe Films Foundation.


The voting is up to 10 days and ends on 29th March. Soon as the voting is finished, the prizes are then selected by prominent experts, these professionals are the executive director of StandWithUs, Michael Dickson, the Jewish Journal Media President, David Suissa and Adam Milstein. The champions of the contest will be announced on April the 30th.


This competition aims to indicate the good places, individuals and innovations of Israel as expressed by Adam Milstein. He also said that the rest of the public could also participate in the contest by voting.


In 2016this same competition recorded more than 500,000 views. The video which won the award ‘Superman’s Got Nothing On Israel’ received many views and was aired and showed on Israeli Politicians, StandWithUs, the Jewish Journal and also through individuals.


The organization; Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation have the objective of uniting the Jewish people through their culture and values. The foundation cares for and supports the Jewish individuals via their values by seeing that their culture is practiced in the next period. Moreover, the foundation also informs the pro-Israel Americans through giving them good professionalism that will help them strengthen their state and values as well as the Israel-United States Union.


His completion of school began in Technion where he graduated from and later on came to the US and achieved an MBA from USC. Soon after that Milstein began his work on Commercial Real Estate. He is a prosperous businessman and a person who helps so many people.